Bernie Sanders is “Porker of the Month”

By CAGW, Special for  USDR.

Today, Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW), America’s largest taxpayer watchdog group, named Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) its June 2017 Porker of the Month for his foolish quest to impose a single-payer healthcare system on the United States. The video below illustrates  why.

CAGW President Tom Schatz said in a  statement: 

“Sen. Sanders’ vision is one where the federal government controls every aspect of a citizens’ healthcare, from a doctor’s salary, to the medicines he or she can prescribe, to decisions about how much care a loved one is allowed to receive at a given point in their life. Sen. Sanders never details the enormous pitfalls inherent in a socialized health care system, which entails robbing citizens of quality care by taking decision-making power away from them and placing their lives in the hands of government bureaucrats.  If Sen. Sanders wants to find a starting point for achieving quality healthcare, he need look no further than improving on the American system by increasing private competition, fostering pharmaceutical innovation, and giving patients and doctors the final say on what type of care they  need.”


Sen. Sanders has been a proponent of socialized medicine for more than two decades. In a floor speech in the House of Representatives on March 4, 1993, Sen. Sanders announced his support for a single-payer proposal. His advocacy for such a system was the centerpiece of his quixotic 2016 presidential campaign and continues to the present day.  He introduced another single-payer bill on March 26, 2017, and told NBC’s Meet the Press on June 25, 2017 that he believes single-payer is “the direction long-term that we should be  going.”

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