Best Alcohol And Cigar Pairings During Quarantine

If you are like most people during the coronavirus pandemic, you have found yourself stuck at home for an extended period of time. While you have spent plenty of time watching television and playing with your kids and pets, you have also longed for a bit of time to yourself. When you do manage to find a few minutes, there is nothing better than sitting down in your favorite chair with a good cigar in one hand and your favorite alcoholic beverage in the other. But as you know, certain cigars and drinks go hand-in-hand with one another to create a match made in heaven. If you’re curious as to which combos work best, here are some great possibilities for you to try.

Red Wine

While you may be able to pair white wine with very mild cigars such as an H. Upmann Original, red wine will be a much better choice. Since red wine will range from earthy to sweet, you’ll have the option of choosing from various types of cigars. For example, if you’ve got a red wine that is full-bodied, light up a robust and spicy cigar like an El Rico Habano. But if you’ve got a fruitier wine like a Merlot, a sweet cigar like Casa Magna will be extraordinary.


Though it is not at all uncommon for many people to open up a bottle of Budweiser or Coors to go with their cigar, most cigar aficionados agree American beers such as these are not their first choice. Instead, they opt for various types of craft beers, since there are an endless array of flavors from which to choose. For many craft beer lovers, there is nothing better than lighting up a Casa de Garcia to go with their drink. However, if you prefer a stout beer such as Guinness, pair it with a full-bodied cigar such as a Partagas Black Label.

Vodka and Gin

If you like light-colored alcoholic drinks such as vodka or gin, you will want to pair these with the mildest cigars you can find. In most cases, even the mildest cigars have a tendency to let their flavors overshadow that of these drinks. Nevertheless, if you want to give it a try, opt for a sweet-tasting cigar such as the Romeo y Julieta 1875 Reserve Maduro.


Since the first time humans discovered the joy of smoking a good cigar, scotch has often been the preferred drink of choice. Since the best scotch is carefully aged to give it a unique smoky flavor, it blends perfectly with many types of cigars. However, when you pair scotch with a great cigar, be prepared for a powerful punch of flavors, since both will be mixing together for an experience unlike any other. As for the best cigars to have with your scotch, open up your humidor and take out a Da Vinci II Segreto del Sorriso or Davidoff Millennium Blend Series, both of which are considered to be all-stars in this category.


Along with scotch, rum is considered by many cigar lovers to be an excellent drink to go with your favorite cigar. Since both rum and cigars tend to originate in the Caribbean, you can expect to get a very tropical taste when you find the right combination. Due to rum having the subtle taste of molasses, pairing it with a cigar that exudes a sweet, nutty, and cocoa flavor, such as the Casa Magna, will bring out the best in both.
No matter which types of cigars and alcoholic drinks you prefer, the good news is that there are many different combinations that can be great together. Thus, while you are stuck in quarantine, don’t let this stop you from finding out which combinations work best for you and your taste buds. By doing so, you may find you are in no hurry for your quarantine to end

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