Best Places Around the World to Travel and Work at the Same Time

For most people, traveling and exploring various destinations in the world can be a rewarding experience. However, the expectations of embarking on a whirlwind trip can be cut short if you don’t have enough money. Luckily, there are numerous ways to earn money while exploring the world.

Contrary to popular belief, it is very easy to find a travel job. Below are some ideas of incredible places to travel and earn some money.

  1. Teach English in Vietnam

Do you know how to speak good English? Well, you can apply for English teaching jobs overseas and particularly in Vietnam. Vietnam is a beautiful country and a perfect destination for those who want to live in a beautiful setting while enjoying endless employment opportunities.

Since the establishment of the English language program in Vietnam known as Project 2020, teaching English has become a dominant profession in the country. With this program, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the country’s natural beauty and unique Vietnamese culture while sharpening your English teaching craft.

You will also have numerous opportunities to explore the city and surrounding countries during week leaves or when you finish teaching.

  1. Fruit Picking in Australia

If you are planning for a trip in the countryside of Australia, consider getting a fruit picking job. This is an amazing opportunity to extend your Australian Working Holiday Visa so you can stay in the country a little longer. This is also a great way to earn a lot of money so you can enjoy more luxuries whilst travelling Australia, a country which is not cheap but that does pay well.

Basically, there are different times and locations for fruit picking jobs in Australia. The times and seasons vary widely with the weather conditions. For instance, Queensland is one of the destinations where you can find fruit picking jobs. The main products in this region include seasonal fruits, vegetables, cotton, sugar cane and beans.

In the Tully area, the farmers grow bananas and you can find beautiful beach towns like Bingil Bay and Mission Beach. Other Australian destinations for seasonal farm jobs include New South Wales, Tasmania, Victoria as well as south, western and northern Australia. Be sure to apply before the commencement of the harvest season.

  1. Travel Blog Through Malaysia

Another way to travel the world and earn some money is by doing a blog in Malaysia. Malaysia is an amazing travel destination with so much to offer. From the beautiful beaches of Terengganu, national parks of Taman Negara and Gunung Mulu to the colorful cities of Kuala Lumpur, there is a lot that you can do in Malaysia.

Better yet, if you enjoy writing, you can become a blogger and fulfill your dream of exploring Malaysia while working at the same time. Also, if you are good at networking, you can earn a decent income as you explore the various locations around Malaysia.

  1. Work in a Villa in Switzerland

If your love for hospitality is unrivaled, you can start a career by working in one of the many villas in Switzerland. There is nothing great like making money while enjoying the pristine landscape of Switzerland.

You can easily find summer jobs in Switzerland by checking dedicated websites where such jobs are often posted. You can work in various villas located throughout Switzerland including in regions like Lugano, Davos, Lake Geneva, Interlaken and many more.

  1. Work on a Yacht in Croatia

Want an adventurous job that allows you to travel in some of the sought-after destinations? Well, consider looking for a job on a yacht in Croatia.

Apart from enjoying the refreshing sea air, you will get paid to travel in various exotic places in Croatia as you serve those onboard. There are numerous opportunities in yachts as you can work as a chef, steward, deckhand or engineer. Typically, there is something for everyone aboard a yacht in Croatia.


If you intend to travel and work at the same time, consider these destinations and choose something that matches your skills and interest. There is nothing more fulfilling like making a living out of traveling and exploring the world.


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