Best Spring 2021 Boot Styles You Should Know

Although they are usually associated with the colder months of the year, the variety of options that boots offer have made them an all-year-round favorite style choice for women around the world. Boots offer a big array of diversity, from casual to formal and party-ready, you can wear them to almost any occasion as long as you choose the right style.

We all have our favorite pair of boots but every now and then we get an itch for something new. This is why we have prepared the ultimate guide for boots in 2021. Below you will find the top styles that are currently taking over the fashion world and what clothes to pair each of them with.

Combat Boots

Combat boots have been around for a while but they keep coming back every year stronger than ever. They’re the perfect way to make an outfit tougher and add an edgy vibe to it. Add to that the fact that they protect your feet, last a long time, and look good with almost anything and you’ll understand why combat boots have refused to go out of style.

You can’t go wrong with a pair of jeans and a leather jacket, not a lot of styles will give you a better casual look for the weekend. Tucking your jeans into the boots is a great way to make your legs look thinner and draw attention towards the chunky boots. The leather jacket can also be replaced by an oversized sweater, a coat or a jacket, depending on your personal preferences.

As we mentioned earlier, combat boots can be worn with almost anything, this is why if you’re not feeling like jeans, you can also wear them with a dress or a skirt. This will create a lovely contrast between the feminine dress and the boyish chunky boots.

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Knee-High Boots

Another style tested by time is the classic knee-high boot. Although they’re more of a winter choice, they provide you with a lot of choices that you can combine them with. Great for work, a night out or a date these boots look great with an array of different outfits.

If you’re looking for a more casual look, the easiest thing you can do is pair them up with some jeans and a nice trench coat. When the weather starts getting warmer, don’t be in a hurry to ditch them in the closet until winter. Pop on a floral dress or your favorite mini skirt and turn those boots into an all-year-round look with your boho style.

Ankle boots

Almost every Insta girl out there owns a pair of ankle boots. The go-to move is wearing them with jeans, as we’re sure most of you are already wearing them like that, the only tip we’d like to give you is to choose a pair that shows a bit of skin in between the jeans and the boots. You should tuck the jeans into the boots only if you’re wearing skinny jeans, you don’t want bunching around the top of the shoes.

As good as they look with jeans, sometimes it’s good to diversitize and try on something different. Try pairing your ankle boots with a dress or a skirt and you’ll have a great outfit for casual nights out. Also if you want to wear your ankle boots to work, don’t be afraid to pair them up with some pants and a blazer or even your favorite suit.

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Western Boots

Regardless if you call them western boots or cowboy boots, this is another style that has been around the block for a while now. With the different looks from the 1970’s making a comeback, cowboy boots have also returned to the scene. Unlike some of our previous suggestions, these boots are slightly trickier to pair with an outfit. If you decide to wear them with something else that is Western inspired, it might look like you’ve just come out of an old cowboy movie like The Magnificent Seven.

If you want to pull off a slightly edgier look you can combine your western boots with a leather jacket and a nice dress to wrap it up. If you want to look more casual, pick your favorite skinny jeans and tuck them into the boot, pair that with a nice blouse or t-shirt and you’ve got yourself your weekend outfit!

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Boots provide us with limitless choices, depending on the season, the shape, the material and the style, there’s something for everyone. Regardless if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous and want to try on some cowboy boots or rely on some classic like knee-high boots, it all comes down to personal preference and how you wear them. We hope you’ve gotten some inspiration from our tips, all that’s left now is for you to go there and rock those boots.

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