Black Cat 2-1 Remembers Those That Served in Vietnam


In the Vietnam War, 2,197 helicopter pilots and 2,717 crew members were killed. Bob Ford was a Huey aircraft commander who flew over one thousand missions between July 1967 and July 1968, and  survived.

This Memorial Day Ford’s book, Black Cat 2-1: The True Story of a Vietnam Helicopter Pilot and His Crew (Brown Books Publishing Group) honors those men he served with and the countless others that risked their  lives.

Selected as a 2015 Oklahoma Books Awards Finalist, Black Cat 2-1 reads like a thriller, captures the humor of men at war, and resounds with respect for those who served with  honor.

“I want people to realize war is sometimes necessary, and we Americans enjoy the freedoms we cherish because of those who stepped up and fought with honor and sacrifice,” said Ford. “I’d do it all  again.”

With stunning photographs taken while Ford was in Vietnam and the detailed letters and notes presented throughout, Black Cat 2-1 provides a glimpse at the everyday life of a soldier and allows the reader the chance to feel like they are a part of the missions and the  storyline.

“In the annals of war, no braver men have taken to the field of battle than the pilots who flew the iconic Huey helicopters during the Vietnam War,” explained Special Forces Veteran, David  Maurer.

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