Book Review: Our Constitution Under Attack

Book: Our Constitution Under Attack
Author: Cash G. Case
Book Format: eBook on Kindle

I am delighted to review this book Our Constitution Under Attack by Cash G. Case.  First, one must accept the premise that our Constitution has been under attack for well over a century, and I do. And now, we stand at a critical juncture for our America. Will we choose the Republic, or European Socialism?

Mr. Case carefully lays out where it all began, from before the U.S. Constitution was ever written, ratified and signed into law. He then takes us step by step, in a very readable fashion, down the path which led us to the situation we are in today.

Mr. Case posits the first of eight main attacks came a scant three months after the ratification of the Bill of Rights. He states, “This was one of the first attacks on the structural safeguards of the government (by the Congress directed at the Judicial Branch.)” Mr. Case adds, “It’s not that what they were doing was not well-intentioned, they were intending to provide pensions to revolutionary war widows and orphans, but that the way they tried to do it would have seriously damaged the Constitutional structure of the government.”

This is something that has plagued America from the beginning, well-intentioned laws coming back to bite America on the butt, always trampling on the rights of the American people. As he takes the reader through, attack after attack, he lays out the case of our U.S. Constitution under constant and sustained attack from nearly its inception.

As each crisis arose in America: slavery, Dred Scott, the Civil War, the Mormon Problem, the New Deal, Judiciary Reorganization Bill of 1937, Expansion of the Commerce Clause, Federal Mandates, Gun Control, Freedom of Speech,

At the end of the book, he has included the text of the U.S. Constitution. As I finished this book, I reasoned it must be read, and indeed, could be read, by every American, and everyone wanting to be an America. We live in the greatest nation on earth, bar none, and have been gifted the most stable form of government by our Founding Fathers. Our Constitution Under Attack makes it very clear that this is not something that happened overnight, but it is something we as Americans must deal with now, before it is forever lost.

Purchase Our Constitution Under Attack now. At $4.99 on Kindle, it is well worth the buy and then some. I give Mr. Case’s book, 5 out of 5 stars for content and readability. It is definitely a “must buy” for very American.

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