Brand Reputation: A Beginner’s Guide


Have you done a search of the web on your company lately? Or Googled yourself? Maybe you have alerts set up, and think you’ve got this whole reputation management thing worked  out.

But, the fact is, reputation management is a lot more than that. It involves taking steps to monitor your online reputation and manage the factors that affect your reputation online. Brand reputation ensures the results that do show up in a search show your company in a positive  light.

That’s where a reputation management company and reputation management software come into play. A online reputation company uses reputation monitoring tools and strategies to analyze your online presence.  But, these companies don’t just monitor the online presence of you or your company — reputation management services can also create quality content, with stellar SEO techniques built in, to make sure the information on your or your business is positive, up-to-date and emphasizes your  expertise.

The management of a business’ online reputation is an increasingly significant factor in the success of a given company.  This is, after all, a world where everyone does a Google search for a service or professional or  product.

With that said, there are things that you can do to build a positive image  online.

You Can’t Fool Google


Trying to create a ton of profiles and press for yourself all at once is not a good idea. Search engines like Google or Yahoo have algorithms that will figure out what you’re doing. In other words: don’t try to trick technology. A reputation management company knows how to craft things like press releases and how to curate social media profiles in ways that actually work. It’s a good idea to give some of that work over to the  professionals.

Social Media Safety


Maybe you think that you can be the next Wendy’s chicken nugget Twitter fad. You might think that all it takes to manage social media is staying up on hashtags and being witty. But really, you have to be sure you’re using these media channels wisely. A poor move on Instagram or Twitter can dramatically impact the reputation of a business. A lack of social media savviness can really cost you  — long after a tweet is  sent.

Encourage Your Customers


Have you ever had a bad experience with a company or service professional, and left a bad online review about it? You’re far from alone on that. But how often do you think to review when you have a positive experience?  Encourage your customers to review your business, particularly those customers who had a positive experience. This is one very important step to building a robust, positive online reputation for a  business.

Know Your Audience


There are many options to choose from when it comes to advertising your business. But, before you create a Twitter, and an Instagram, and a Snapchat, and whatever other latest craze sweeps the social media world, consider your audience. Work with reputation management professionals to make sure what you’re utilizing makes sense. You don’t want to waste your time with platforms and strategies that won’t add value to your  brand.

Struggling for recognition and positive reviews can seem tough. The internet is a competitive place. But with these steps, and the aid of people skilled in reputation management, you’ll have a better opportunity to stand out from the rest and make it to that first page of search results with a glowing  reputation.

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