Brass Ones

Reagan had no problem "telling it like it is."

By Jenn Carleen

Searching the political scene for the last few years makes me beg this question – can we elect someone with some “Brass Ones?” Even better, how about a group of conservatives that share the same brass tongue? I don’t believe for one second that Americans want their representatives including the president to be weak. Who wants to be lied to everyday and have their money wasted? Public manners and common courtesy have evolved into hyper-political correctness.

Ronald Reagan is a great example of an older, wiser and for the most part very truthful president. He told the truth in a way that was comforting, humorous and mildly charismatic. Our enemies knew he meant what he said and kept his word, something unheard of these last several years. Thomas Jefferson said “One man with courage is a majority.” Before Reagan graced the White House, our country’s morale was very low, inflation rising and the economy was bleak. He had the courage to lead, tell the truth about our situation and had the brass ones to say “Don’t be afraid to see what you see.”  “Facts are a stubborn thing.” And “There are no easy answers but there are simple answers. We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right.”

I like tough talk; it makes me feel safe like a protective parent. I feel secure in knowing that my leader isn’t going to let anything happen to me but if it does, we will be prepared and there will be hell to pay. So far I haven’t seen anyone in that White House, Congress or Senate that would have signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776. At the time of the signing it was treason! You could lose your livelihood and your life for signing it. The First Continental Congress saw the British on the horizon and I’m sure they were scared and they still stood in solidarity fearing the unknown but the “Idea” was divine and greater than themselves. It was an idea that we have fought over and over again since America was conceived.

Let’s not confuse tough talk with just plain old stupid talk. “Let us all remember who the real enemy is. The real enemy is the Tea Party — the Tea Party holds the Congress hostage. They have one goal in mind, and that’s to make President Obama a one-term president,” Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) said at a Miami town meeting. All that hard work that Al-Qaida has put forth against us is now wasted due to the Tea Party being the real enemy? That is just one example out of thousands that I’ve heard over the last two years of stupid talk. Where is our next George Washington, John Adams, Sam Adams or Ben Franklin? They didn’t mince words and lie to get the idea of what America should be. What if every American had to study the Constitution in public school and know it verbatim like police officers do? I would bet that “We the People” wouldn’t let the elected goons get away with as much as “We” let them.

Gov. Rick Perry has a fire in his belly, a sharp tongue, and tough love attitude. I live in Texas so it’s hard not to be a fan when Texas has fared so well through everything and every president. CNN’s Jack Cafferty said just recently “Perry’s supporters tend to be older, white and rich, and his strongest backing comes from tea party supporters.” Well Jack I’m white and not even close to being rich, I don’t know of any police officers that are rich. When was the last time Jack was in Texas? We have a very big diverse group of citizens that live here and voted for Gov. Rick Perry three times. There wasn’t a Tea Party movement until the Obama Administration if that tells you anything.

I truly believe Americans want and need to hear the truth and a side order of brass ones please.

Jenn is a freelance writer with a focus on relationships, politics, parenting and humorous mayhem. Centered on criminal justice and history, she is a police officer, wife and mother of four. Look for her articles and have a laugh or cry at life!  You can find Jenn on Twitter @JennKnightKiser and Yahoo Contributor @J.Carleen

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