Bringing Home Your First Puppy – What You Need to Know

Bringing home a dog for the first time is definitely cause for celebration and excitement. It is a decision that will add joy, happiness, and love to your life for many years to come. But with that said, owning a puppy isn’t without its fair share of work. In fact, as a proud new puppy mom or dad, there is plenty you’ll need to be aware of. So, let’s take a look as some basic tips and advice when it comes to bringing home your first puppy.

Puppy Proof the Home Before They Arrive

The first step should actually take place before you even bring your puppy home is puppy-proofing the entire house. Basically, you want to ensure that they don’t have access to anything that could be dangerous for them. This could require a few changes in the home, at least while your puppy is still young.

Will You Be Crate Training Your Puppy?

Another thing to consider is how you will train your dog when it comes to housebreaking. For many dog owners, crate training proves to be the best way to go. If you choose this route, you’ll need to purchase the right sized crate for your dog’s breed, and then find a safe place to put it in your house.

Dogs often see their crate as their cozy den and look forward to the time they spend in there. This is why crates should never be used as punishment.

Set Up a Feeding and Drinking Station for Them

To keep life easy for you and your new puppy, it’s a good idea to set up a permanent feeding and drinking station so they know where to find the essentials. Puppies can be a bit messy, so placing a waterproof mat or carpet under the bowls will help to protect your floor and make clean up easier.

Schedule a Vet Visit Right Away

Scheduling a vet visit to have your puppy’s first checkup should also be factored in. They may also need vaccinations and other services, depending on the age and health of the puppy. If you’ve never been to a vet before, you can always get a recommendation from friends and family, and search online reading reviews and comments.

Choose the Right Kind of Food for Their Nutritional Needs

It’s also important that you fuel your puppy with the nutrition they need. Choosing a high-quality food with good ingredients will benefit them physically and mentally, and is a practice you should follow through each of their life stages from puppyhood to their senior years. 

Take a look at the Taste of the Wild Ancient Grains benefits, for example, which include high-quality ingredients and recipes that have been made by nutritionists and veterinarians. It is rich in protein and in omega-3 fatting acids, and it is nutrient dense. These are all the key elements when searching for a food.

Creating the Perfect Home for Your New Puppy

Each of these tips ensures you create the perfect home for your new puppy.

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