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By PR Newswire, Special for  USDR

The ability to tell your brand’s story is critical to driving interest in your company and its solutions among prospects, customers and key influencers. Effective branding today involves a multifaceted approach, where PR and marketing efforts work hand in hand and the content generated is more diverse. However, according to research by the Content Marketing Institute, only 38 percent of B2B marketers say their content marketing efforts are effective.[1] Finding innovative ways to reinforce your message across digital, social and offline channels is critical to reaching new audiences and gaining the third party credibility needed for the  brand.

PR Newswire’s guide, Encouraging Awareness: New Tactics & Opportunities for Product Marketing shares five key points for developing a multichannel communications plan to improve brand recognition,  including:

  • Set realistic goals: As your brand develops a stream of outbound communications, setting realistic goals can help make the case for investment in future communications efforts.
  • Plan for long-term engagement: Don’t wait for news to happen to get the conversation started around your brand; create and distribute content on relevant topics weeks or months in advance of a major event.
  • Know where your audience is: With the saturation of mainstream news, niche influencers have become gateway to infiltrating the larger market.
  • Enlist third-party industry expertise to create value exchange: Much like consumers, the media is more interested in hearing product recommendations from third-party experts than from company executives.
  • Analyze campaign results for future recommendations: Certain conditions can affect the results of your campaign. Making a note of these occurrences can help you refine your strategy and improve future results.

The combination of PR with product marketing to create unique content can help set your brand apart. Informed, compelling and well-crafted messages are found by new audiences, shared across peer and professional networks and surfaced in search engine results. Read the full guide today to learn how discoverability sets the stage for earning familiarity among your target audience, which then earns trust and develops relationships in target  markets.

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