Businesses: How to Maintain Your Signs

Business signs are vital for businesses. Eye-catching business signage makes your company more visible and enticing to prospective clients. After putting substantial investment into your business signage, you don’t expect it to quickly lose its attractive appeal or get destroyed after a short time.

Ultimately, an unattractive or crumbling business signage can negatively affect your business’s image.

Therefore, just like any other type of investment, you have to maintain your company signage to increase its longevity and ROI. Let’s look at the common business signs problems and tips on maintaining your business signage.

Here are common business signage issues:

• Dust

• Fading

• Dirt

• Rust

• Tear and wear

• Vandalism

• Outdated details

• Structural damage

You should perform regular signage maintenance to keep your business signs in good shape and extend its longevity. Here are useful tips for maintaining your business signs.

Clean All Electrical Parts

Unless the electrical parts of your business signs are located in a secure airtight container, they’ll always be exposed to dirt, dust, and debris. Too much dust will make some components to overheat and impact contact between connectors and make it hard to fix your business signage.

Closely monitor the condition of your signage’s parts before commencing the cleaning stage. Begin cleaning your business signage only after ascertaining the state of its components. Clean both the interior and exterior parts of the signage.

When cleaning your business signs, do not use any liquid or tool that will erode the materials or destroy the protective surface. This includes abrasive cloths, scrub brushes, high-pressure hoses, and solvents similar to ammonia. Using the mentioned items will result in reducing the lifespan of your signage instead of extending it.

A soft cloth soaked in a bucket of a solution with mild detergent and water will be enough to remove dirt and dust from your business signage in most scenarios. If you are uncomfortable or unsure about washing your signage, you should contact a professional signage cleaning company to take care of this. Professional cleaners have the expertise and equipment to wash every inch of your business signage.

Have a Shade over Your Business Signage

Business signs are usually located in places where they are easily visible. The aim is to make your business signage noticeable by individuals driving or walking past them.

To make sure harsh weather elements don’t destroy your business signage, it would be best to invest in a shading material.

There are various ways of protecting your signage. You can plant a tree close to your signage, place the signage on a structure that is not exposed to direct sunlight, or you can place a roof over your business sign. The choices available will rely heavily on your situation and site.

When selecting the ideal shade for your business signage, consider your signage’s location. The shade should protect your signage without inhibiting the sight of the sign. Otherwise, you’re going to end up lowering the effectiveness of your business sign.

Protect the Base of the Signage

You should always check for standing water and dirt near the base of your business sign. You should ensure the drainage close to your business signage functions. Water should always be drained away from your business sign and never float around it.

An easy and effective way of protecting the foundation of your business sign is by making a trench close to it so that water is directed away.

Conduct Precautionary Actions

Every time you examine and inspect your signage, take note of every malfunctioning or broken parts. It could be a missing letter, burned-out lights, loose brackets, or broken fittings, among others. Such components should be replaced immediately to keep your business signage in good shape and extend its longevity.

Making repairs will not only improve the effectiveness of your business signs but also increase its structural stability. When you have burned-out lights or missing letters, the message you are trying to pass with your business signage is altered. On the other hand, damaged internal parts or broken fittings will destroy your signage or make it drop to the ground.

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