Can Email Signatures Help You Increase Conversions?

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See how you can benefit from email signature marketing. Grow your brand awareness, increase conversions, win more customers. All this with the right email signature.

 A professional email signature is usually an overlooked priority for many businesses. However, this is an excellent opportunity to provide both current and potential customers with more information about your brand and promote whatever you find important.

In this article, we will show you how using an email signature generator can help you get an additional marketing channel and increase conversions.


Complete brand awareness using an email signature


Most people use their signatures to make their contact details easily accessible to their email recipients. This proved to be a good tactic, but you can also use the signature to increase your brand awareness.


Your email footer can include not just your business’s name and address. It can also show what your brand is about and what it stands for. Use your slogan, logo, branded colors, fonts, etc.


So, keep in mind that every email message you send is a chance for the recipient to get to know more about your company.


Branded email footers also help you create a sense of trust. If the recipient recognizes your brand quickly, they are more likely to respond or engage.


Drive website traffic

A well-designed email signature generates traffic to your company blog or website.

Just put the link to your website or content you want to promote in your email signature, and you’ll see how many people click on it. You have nothing to lose because you are already communicating with the email recipient. Just use the space wisely.


Add a CTA with a banner

Probably you don’t want to put “Read my new blog post” only. A promotional banner added to your email signature can be used to entice recipients to click on the link and go to the post.


Let’s see how you can promote things with this banner.

  • Promote upcoming events

If you are planning some kind of event such as a webinar, conference, live stream, etc., create a special banner inviting people to join by clicking on it.


  • Announce discounts and special offers

With email signature banners, you can also promote your special offers and sales. Just think how many people you can reach if you consider creating email signatures for all your employees.


  • Offer recent case studies

Your email signature is also the right place to show recipients social proof. Just create a dedicated banner, use it in every email you send, and see how the number of downloads grows.


Check out these email signature examples to get some inspiration and create your own signature.


Get more followers with social media links

Don’t you think that we have already listed all the benefits an email signature can provide?

It has much to offer.


For example, you can easily grow your social media following by using your email signature with every email you send.

All you need is to choose a few accounts you want to link to and insert the links in an email signature generator.

A few mouseclicks and your signature is ready to use and promote your business.

A huge advantage of tools that help you create email signatures is that you can use icons instead of full links. This makes your email footer more visually appealing.


Create highly effective email signatures


How to make a good email signature? Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to be an experienced designer (or hire people) to create one. You can do everything yourself.


Just keep in mind the following tips to ensure your signature delivers the right impression to your email recipients:


  • Follow design trends

Keep everything short, simple, and clean. It’s better not to go crazy with colors, quotes, and fonts. Use your brand colors for brand consistency. If you don’t have those, then stick to two or three colors as a maximum. Use icons and buttons instead of links where possible.


  • Check the mobile version

You can see how many people use their smartphones from early morning until late at night. The chances are they check their emails from a mobile device as well.


That’s why you can’t ignore optimizing your email footer to be displayed properly on mobile. If you choose the right email signature software, you can be sure all your signatures will be shown the same across different devices and email services.


Choose a vertical email signature design if you know that most of your recipients check their emails on mobile.


See the example of the vertical email footer below.


  • Work with ready-to-use templates

Today, you can use a ready template and customize it to your needs.


As we already mentioned, it’s a good idea to take advantage of a modern email signature generator.  Professional designers already selected the right colors, fonts, and element placement.


What to include in your professional email footer?

In this paragraph, we will explain to you what the essential elements of a good email footer are.


  • Name and position

By providing this information, you help people understand if you are the right person to discuss some issue with.


  • Contact details

Putting your office address is not essential, but you do need to provide email recipients with the best additional way to contact you. These methods can include your phone number, Skype ID, social media, etc.


  • An image of yourself and a logo

If you add a photo, you make your email more human. Choose a nicely lit photo where recipients can see your face. If you have a logo that you use on your company website, social media profiles, company documents, etc., consider putting it in your professional email footer as well to create cohesion within your branding.


  • Website and social links

Although these two are optional, you can benefit from additional traffic and following.


  • Call to action button

As a business, it is vital that your email signature grabs the attention of the recipient, who could become your customer. So, add a clear call to action such as “Request a demo,” “Follow us,” “Download eBook,” etc.


Now, it’s time to create your professional email signature. It’s free.


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