Careers You Can Feel Good About

End of high school? It’s time to pick a career (or at least a potential career). While choosing a career path right now can seem like a pressure-dump, and you’re likely sick of friends and family asking you what your college plans are, this is nevertheless an exciting time in your life. There’s always time to change your mind later, but right now you get to decide how your future is going to go. It’s a big decision, but it also opens up a world of  possibilities.

If you don’t think you could focus on business only, if you want to work with others and not with numbers or letters, and if you like the idea of helping people, then one of the following careers might be for you. Each one of these careers focuses on helping people, and a daily dose of making the world a better place could be just what you’re looking for in a job. For help with your college/career hunt, check out the following  list.

Social  Work

Social works covers a wide variety of career paths, although each path involves non-medical human needs. As a social worker, you could be the activities planner for a local nursing home, you could help get kids out of abusive homes, or you could work with hospitals, making sure patients are getting proper emotional (as well as physical) care. While social work jobs are rewarding, they can be high stress, depending on the path you take. A social worker has to be well-trained to handle the tougher aspects of their job, so a master’s or doctorate in social work is common. (You can work some jobs, especially group-work, with only a bachelor’s, however.) While the education process is lengthy, the eventual job satisfaction is worth it for most. Plus, you can become a doctor of social work online, making the second half of your education even  easier.


Not the same as social work, psychology deals less with society and institutions and more with the human heart and mind. A trained psychologist can pursue a career as a therapist, helping individuals or groups process tough feelings. They can work with criminals and lend their professional opinions to court cases. They can perform research on human behavior or cultures. They can work in schools, assessing a child’s learning needs and helping troubled kids get back on the right path. A future in psychology means at least a master’s degree, so if you aren’t in the mood for six years of school and then another two years of supervised training, a career in psychology might not be best for you. It is, however, a deeply rewarding career path, especially if you appreciate the mind and  emotions.
The Medical  Field
Whether you want to go to school for two years, four years, or eight years, the medical field is a perfect opportunity for you to help people every day. Your job won’t be low pressure, and you won’t work 8 to 5, but having a career that means more than a salary, and directly influences patient’s lives could be the kind of path you’re looking for. You could work as a nurse’s aid, performing simple tasks like blood tests, a nurse, directly supervising some of the more complex patient care, or even a doctor or surgeon, tackling the diagnoses and critical work when it comes to saving lives. You can choose how long you’ll study and what career path you’ll take, but whichever route you choose, a career in the medical field could be for  you.

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