Challenges Faced By Agencies in Extending Quality Home Care Services


The Senior Home Care industry is considered being one of the growing allied healthcare industries and this is primarily because of a substantial increase in the number of aged people. The role of a home care professional assumes paramount importance, and this holds true even though the concerned person is not supposed to extend any type of medical care. Some of the duties which a home care professional is expected to make available are maintaining the residence in a neat and tidy condition, assisting elderly people to carry out activities such as eating, bathing, cooking, dressing, and many  others.

Perhaps due to the ever-increasing demand, home care agencies find it difficult to recruit qualified and trained staff. Such a miserable scenario prevails even though 1.3 million home health care aides are in the process of entering the job market. Again, it is because of the increasing demand that home care agencies are finding it a challenging task to manage all types of operations smoothly. For example, it often is the case that agencies find it difficult to maintain an apt track of the activities which every caregiver ought to perform, create the working schedule and understand how often they need to visit their clients. Owing to operational inefficiency, managing all such tasks proves to be a real challenge, and this is the reason that quality of care remains  inconsistent.
Another challenge which many agencies face is to create the right care plan. Now, in order to create the perfect plan, it is necessary to measure how many types of problems an individual has and the number of services required. Without a proper plan, it becomes a difficult task to make available the right types of services at the right moment to all concerned clients. Most of the agencies fail to satisfy the requirement of clients as they are unable to set up a policy on how often a service plan ought to be reviewed and confirm the state guidelines. The various issues with home care services are elaborately taken up for discussion in the Caring People article “Common Problems with Home Health Care  Agencies”
One of the other complaints which clients have with home care services is regarding the payment schedule is inconvenient. It indeed can be really annoying for you to come across a weekly bill, especially if you are comfortable with the monthly billing system. A similar inconvenience is caused when the agency does not keep clients in mind while planning the billing schedule. Apart from this, it is even worrying when you are being charged for holidays. Your level of frustration knows no limits when you are not informed well beforehand why a similar policy is in  place.
Quality home care services remain denied when there is not enough appreciation from the concerned agency for the hard work put in by the caregivers. This is responsible for the caregivers becoming dissatisfied with their job and they remain hesitant to give their best. A little appreciation or gratitude shown by the recruiting agencies towards the caregivers can go a long way towards encouraging them to extend quality care  services.

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