Changing the Way You Listen

By Kevin Price, Editor in Chief, USDR.

We receive tons of things in the mail every month for the next great book or product, and most of them never see the light of day of my desk; however, I received a pair of headphones that I had to tell you about.

They are called Meze headphones and they have changed the way I listen to music, to news, and to virtually everything else requiring an electronic device.

Now, I want those headphones with me everywhere I go — in my car, when I’m taking a walk, at the gym, etc.  The sound quality is incredibly clear and rich, while the “fullness” of the sound cannot be compared.  I can recommend these earphones without hesitation.

This is not a paid endorsement, they just gave me a pair to review and I gladly did it.  I hope you check them out for your own listening pleasure.  In fact, Meze redefines that expression  These are simply awesome. Check them out at

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