By April Dye, USDR   Contributor

Webster’s dictionary describes civility as polite, reasonable and respectable behavior which would include polite actions and  words.

I have seen very little civility as of  late.

It seems that we are no longer allowed to disagree with someone, on pretty much any issue.  If you do disagree with someone you are called a traitor, a “libtard” or “right wing nut” or if you happen to be a woman a “whore” or “bimbo”, or if you are a white male “racist”, I think Hitler/Nazi has been touted from both  sides.

No one wants to discuss anything, they just want to name call, demean and berate.   No one wants to listen, they just want to yell, scream and get in your  face.

How in the world have we come to such chaos and  incivility?

Because we began to see each other as the enemy.  We began to see the other side as stupid, selfish and  evil.

America is not a battlefield and we are not enemies.  We are Americans, or people who want to be Americans.  We can never hope to solve America’s ills when instead of finding the cause of the illness and treating, it we just want to cut it  out.

Republicans are not always right.  Democrats are not always right. Independents are not always right.  But they aren’t always wrong either. If we can start, once again, looking at each other as fellow human beings who just want to live happy healthy lives, maybe we can stop playing party politics and actually go about solving some problems that need  fixing.

We need to stop throwing tantrums and refusing to adopt a solution just because of who came up with  it.

There is not and will never be a person, who alone, can save or destroy America.  But if we don’t learn from history we could end up like the Roman  Empire.

There is not and will never be a time when we will all agree on anything.  We are all individuals with different experiences.  So, listen to someone who thinks differently than you and respectfully explain yourself and in return ask them to do the same.  You might actually learn  something.

You are never going to get someone to listen to you when you are yelling and being aggressive.  They will either think you are irrational or  psychotic.

As I tell my children, and I think many of us were told by our own parents, “Listen and  Learn”.

You want a brighter future for yourself, your family and your  country?

…then be  CIVIL.

April Dye is a USDR  Contributor.

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