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The following guidelines are brief and simple, but will expand as this publication grows.  We have been delighted by the response of interested writers and look forward to the contributions of many as time goes by.  Here are a few of our guiding principles:

Original Content

All articles in the US Daily Review must be original to the site and cannot be from other sources.  You may reprint the article two weeks after it appears in USDR, but we would ask that you would cite USDR as the original source and with a link to the article on our site.

We have a zero tolerance view of copyrighted content.  If you knowingly use any information from another source without acknowledging it, you will be removed from the site permanently. You will see articles from other sites, but we only provide part of those articles and encourage people to “read more” at the original source.

Length of Articles

We believe that the best maximum length for a site such as ours is no more than 800 words, the vast majority of pieces are around 600 words or fewer.  If you feel compelled to write more than 800 words, consider doing a multi-part series.

Editorial Philosophy

Although there are a preponderance of writers from a conservative or libertarian perspective, you will find many philosophies here.  Our ultimate objective is quality writing and we encourage you to look for that everyday in USDR and we expect that in the submissions we receive.  Not only do we expect content to be unique to the site, but also original in perspective in order to keep readers coming back for more.

Quality Control

USDR is mean and lean.  We do not have a large editorial staff.  Therefore, we ask that as much editing as possible will take place before you submit content.  We usually have a few corrections of every piece, but if a writer needs substantial help, we ask that they seek it at another source than USDR. This is a site for those with savvy communication skills.


If we are interested in publishing your work we will usually notify you within 7 business days.  Frequency of content is important to us, therefore it may be a few days after approval before it actually appears.  However we are sensitive about the time issues involved in stories and will keep that in mind in posting.

We look forward to receiving your submissions.

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