Could Crowdfunding Save Greece?

By US Daily Review Staff.

Australian local Jacques Phillips is offering to buy Greece out of Debt through his crowdfunding campaign, One Dollar Dare.

Crowdfunding is a new way of fundraising, where projects that would normally be turned down by banks or investors can find support from communities who like it and are able to give smaller sums of $20 to $50 to see that project come to life.

Normally projects would offer T-Shirts, Gifts and trinkets as thank yous to encourage contributors to pledge their support. One Dollar Dare puts a big twist on this.

Greece has been in serious trouble, could a "dollar dare" save it?

“This all started because some friends asked me to go to Europe with them and I didn’t have any cash. I heard about websites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Pozible and thought that crowdfunding might be able to help,” said Jacques Phillips.

Of course, if he’s asking the world to help fund his holiday, he needs to be able to offer something in return to the everyday people who could be putting their $50 towards their own holiday.

“So I decided to put my body and my dignity on the line. I called it the One Dollar Dare so that anybody who pledges support gets to dare me to do something and then I’ll have to put it online for everyone to see,” said Jacques Phillips.

Crowdfunding has raised millions of dollars globally so it’s no surprise that a $5,000 trip to Europe seems achievable.

“The best thing about crowdfunding is that when a supporter pledges – that’s all it is, a pledge. If I don’t make the target, the supporters keep their money. But if anyone has something that they couldn’t dare their friends to, then I’m the guy to get it done,” said Jacques Phillips.

So far in promoting the One Dollar Dare, Jacques has found himself getting humiliated in a variety of ways.

And what does he hope to achieve from all of this?

“Well it’s just in the spirit of a good time, and that’s why I added in the bit about Greece. If everyone pitches in their dollar and this manages to raise $700 billion, that would be one hilarious adventure,” said Jacques Phillips.

Jacques stated that if it gets that far, he’ll buy Greece out of Debt and rename it to anything the crowd desires.

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