Cowering Inferno

By Keith D. Rodebush, Contributor to US Daily Review.

Political correctness and exploitation of racial guilt have turned the American electorate into a cowering herd that flinches at the least mention of intolerance or charges of racism. As such, the country is heading into chaos that threatens to burn down the very foundation of our republic. While the average common sense conservative is trying to protect and defend the American Ideal of rugged individualism and free market capitalism, a large segment of the proletariat are tearing down the very structure of our nation in search of a non-existent Utopia where all are not just treated equal but truly are equal. While the current situation might lead one to believe that the Utopians have the upper hand, they have in fact sparked a maelstrom of fire that is ready to explode in a back draft that will incinerate liberals from sea to shining sea.

While the effects of decades of brow beating by propagandist media is clearly apparent, the faithful Patriot is learning the extent of the enemy’s resolve and yes their sheer hatred for all things good and decent. They are tuning their ears to leftist catch phrases and informing each other of blatant examples of Marxists run amock. As such they are steadfast and determinate in their quest to rid this land of the vermin who would tear down the greatest nation on earth and attempt to replace it with some Central Planners pipe-dream of total control over the largest economy on earth. While they are cowered by relentless bashing they are also fired up, re-arming their political weaponry and preparing to show up in numbers to defeat this onslaught on the American way of life. It is a Cowering Inferno.

Liberals/Progressives/Communists/Marxists/ them what you want, whatever makes it past your PC filter which has been remotely implanted into your brain through years of propaganda. People have been brainwashed by a constant bombardment by Hollywood, main stream media, college professors (if you can’t DO, teach) and self serving politicians for their whole lives. They are tearing down the very fabric that makes America great. A system which allows an individual the freedom to go out and pursue profit by providing a product or service to his/her fellow Man is the engine that drives prosperity. A hand held PC device is not invented to entertain you. It is invented to make a profit for the inventor, manufacturer and retailer. It is only a side benefit that it makes your life easier or more fun. 

The primary impetus of the effort is profit. That is not only a beautiful thing it is an unending source of further prosperity. It is the ultimate win, win, win, win situation. The user gets a useful tool that makes their life better, the inventor and mfr. etc gain profit, the government gains revenue from the increased economic activity and resulting employment and the inventor’s success inspires a new generation of inventive individuals who are driven to repeat his/her success for themselves. Self interest is the driving force of a vibrant economy, always has been and always will be, regardless of how many dipsticks camp out in public squares across America. By the way. Thank God, that we don’t live in their so-called Utopian society for that type of dissent would not be tolerated in the least. Off to the labor camps with you all!

Change is said to be slow and cumbersome. However, sometimes change is quick and ferocious. A sleeping giant has been awakened in America. They are just now wiping the sleep out of their eyes and perusing the landscape. They hate what they see and are beginning to be riled at such a deep and fundamental level that one cannot even predict what the real outcome will be in years ahead. But make no mistake, though they cower when attacked, they gather themselves quickly and come back with a right cross to the chin! If not for Barack Hussein Obama we would not have a T.E.A. party. If not for Obama we would not have a Senator Rubio. We would not have a Senator Brown which forced the ‘nuclear’ option on Obamacare. Yes, it’s true we would not have had a Christine O’Donnell either, but I tell you without reserve my friends that I would take a Senate Majority Leader O’Donnell any day and twice on Sunday to a Harry Reid. Our very worst is better than their leadership, any day, any way. I can say with a straight face that at the very least Ms. O’Donnell loves this country, it’s founders and the U.S. Constitution. I cannot say that about Mr. Reid, or the president for that matter. Think about that.

While the conservative electorate is now going through an extremely painful process of vetting presidential candidates it is easy to become frustrated at the lack of a choice for a true heart felt life-long conservative who is unafraid to stare into the eyes of the propagandist wolves and expose them for what they are. Yes, even our candidates cower. But we in our unrelenting demand for excellence make even meager candidates better. We in our criticism inform them of our desire for courageous leadership. We challenge them to be better than themselves if they pretend to be worthy of our support. Our seemingly weak support is evidence of our innate desire for a return to a Constitutional republic. Good isn’t good enough. Rise to the occassion or we will abandon you and seek refuge elsewhere. This is exactly the kind of support our Founding Fathers intended. You are not royalty. You are not our King. Straighten up and fly right or we will shuck you into the heap of has-been wanabes. Stand up for America. Stand up for Christian values. Stand up for the work ethic. Stand up with righteous indignation to the vacuous pseudo-intellectuals who would give Marx a position greater than the evil he represents. Stand up to the PC world and announce without fear that we are a nation of Judeo-Christian values and that we stand unafraid to defend Liberty and free market capitalism throughout the world. Stand up and shout down the detractors who hate America and dwell on Her flaws while ignoring the great wealth, peace and goodness She has fostered throughout the world since our founding. Stand up or sit the Hell down!

We may cower occasionally in a Pavlov’s Dog-type of response to attacks but make no mistake; our fire burns bright and our flame is hot with Liberty. Our hearts are burning with desire to rid this nation of the filth and ignorance of brain dead zombies marching to the drum beat of the Marxists lies. Yes, we may flinch, but we will not falter, we will not quit and we will not be subjugated to your one size fits all society. A cleansing fire of Freedom will engulf this nation. We will put new Representatives and new Senators in office. We will watch them like hawks and we will pounce on the pretenders. And we will rid this nation of the scourge of Barack Hussein Obama, by far the worst president in the history of this great nation. We are the Cowering Inferno and you haters will rue the day you lit our flame. God Bless the United States of America.
Keith D. Rodebush is a Christian businessman, a writer and an armchair scholar. He has a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Arkansas. Keith is currently working on a novel and periodically writes at his blog “Ignarus Semino Dominatus

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