Cyber Bullying: Russia is a Problem that Must be Faced

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Russia’s cyber attack program is varied and expanding—just ask the Democratic National Committee (DNC), which recently had its opposition research unit targeted by Russian hackers looking for information on Republican candidate Donald Trump. Or talk to Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who observed, “Russian cyber attacks rank as the greatest threat to the United States’ national security.” In a post on Peerlyst (, Jarno Limnell, a professor at Finland’s Aalto University, asserts that not only is the threat very real, weak response from the West fuels Russia’s use of cyber aggression as an extension of  statecraft.

In a post entitled “Russia’s Cyber Aggression Grows,” Limnell lays out the danger clearly:Russia has the ability and will to carry out denial-of-service attacks, develop sophisticated malware, and exploit unknown software vulnerabilities. Differing from China, Russian cyber activities focus primarily on intelligence gathering and military reconnaissance of critical infrastructure networks. It has to be remembered that today’s intelligence operations enable tomorrow’s actions, and Russia is mapping networks to determine the resources necessary for future  attacks.”

Limnell’s Peerlyst post explores the way the Russian government, with the avid support of President Vladimir Putin, is deploying the country’s talented human capital and expanding cyber attacks to impact physical targets, such as Ukraine’s power grid and a French television network. After analyzing the threat, Limnell issues a warning and a call to action: “Russia showed what it can do—when it wants. This should have wakened the West. But it did  not.”

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