Defining Trends in Digital Marketing: What is the Latest News?

We can not deny or ignore the rapidly digital marketing trends. Most successful businesses have an online presence and changing trends are forcing businesses to change their tools to stay on top. We have looked into the trending new tools that companies are using in digital marketing.

Facebook Shops

Facebook has for a while not been the most popular social media platform under the younger generation. Their niche market has been business orientated for quite some time. Their most recent feature is Facebook Shops. This great feature enables businesses to set up an online shop on Facebook and Instagram for free. Businesses are able to connect with customers on Whatsapp, Messenger and Instagram. As a shopper or customer you would be able to shop, get support and track deliveries through the feature.


Chatbots are AI (artificial intelligence) that are used on websites that have real time customer services to help all users. The chatbot interacts with humans in a really normal and natural way, users might not even know the difference. Customers would rather chat to a catbot than emailing or phoning the business. 

Snatchbot is one of the forerunners of the development of chatbots and AI. Snatchbot has given their customers the option to build their own chatbots. Creating and developing a chatbot marketplace has changed the very complicated to easily accessible and obtainable. They also provide a bot store at which a business can choose a template chatbot for their industry. These features make it even easier for businesses to afford and obtain chatbots. Snatchbot has recently released that their chatbots can be set up on their very popular chat app, changing and revolutionising the way businesses chat and interact with their customers. Another positive of a chatbot is it is available 24/7 to the customers. Chatbots are busy dominating customer services, and how does the saying go? If businesses do not adapt they will fall behind. 

Web hosting

Ultimately all digital marketing leads to one place, websites. All websites are hosted by companies as currently it is quite complicated to host one’s own website. Comparing web hosting solutions before making a decision is vital. Luckily for us there are great companies that provide website hosting services. Most businesses have websites, but it is not enough to only have a website. User Experience has been dominating the website industry. The faster more user friendly a website is the better the conversion rate of the clients are. It is too easy for users to get frustrated with a slow or complicated website and go on to the competitors website. Web hosting has to have almost no down time and needs to have a fast loading speed. For e-commerce companies this loading speed and ease of use is really important. The faster, easier your site is the more frequently users would visit and buy from your page. Fast website loading speed would be two seconds and under. 

Major innovations have been made in website loading speed. One of the top hosting companies, Hostgator has developed a solution to business which offers them some of the fastest loading speed features. Hostgator fast server speed which has a huge impact on the speed at which their clients websites load. They only have two data centers in the USA and have tested really fast in major cities like Sydney, London, Sao Paolo and Singapore. Hostgator’s cloud and web hosting solutions are top notch and the best features that make their loading times so fast is their SSD and speed enhancers.

Adapt or get left behind

Things are moving swiftly in digital marketing and how businesses run their websites, online stores and e-commerce. As we see affiliate marketing systems and ecommerce take off as main drivers for new business, it is time to lead at a better pace. Customers are looking for faster, easier ways to connect with business making their user experience more enjoyable and exciting. Don’t snooze on these trends.

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