Do You Want This In Charge of Obamacare?

By CNS News, Special for US Daily Review.
Byron York of the Washington Examiner wrote yesterday that the IRS scandal could lead to fears about the agency’s role in enforcing Obamacare:
The IRS will also decide who is, and who is not, eligible for Obamacare’s subsidies. The law authorizes the IRS to share confidential taxpayer information with the Department of Health and Human Services for the purpose of determining those subsidies.”
Those fears have been ongoing since Obamacare was first rammed through.
Knowing what we are truly facing in a fiscal sense has dominated our lives, but the real fear that this IRS scandal raises is whether the “confidential taxpayer information” that IRS and HHS will be sharing will include political information.
If the IRS can flag your information and slow things down on something like tax-exempt status, can they do it when determining our use of health care? Clearly, the possibility is there.
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