Don’t Rely on the New Year for a New You

By Andro Donovan, Special for  USDR

Andro Donovan has two words for people who didn’t decide to join a gym, lose five pounds, eat less chocolate or be nicer to their in-laws for the new year: Well  done!

The author of the new book Motivate Yourself: Get the Life You Want, Find Purpose and Achieve Fulfilment, published by Capstone, a subsidiary of Wiley, says, “Resolutions are dramas waiting to happen. They are expectations that you are going to fail after your good intentions peter  out.”

Donovan notes that 21st-century distractions make it tougher for us to pay attention to our internal wisdom, which as director Steven Spielberg has pointed out, never shouts at us but only whispers. Without access to this internal voice, people remain unaware of who they are, what they want from life and where they should be focusing their energy, Donovan  says.

So instead of resolving to do this or that, she endorses a gentle steering of oneself toward goals. “What works is a desire or intention to slightly steer yourself in the direction you want to go, a gentle steering away from what didn’t work and a steering into where you want to take your  life.”

About the  author

Andro Donovan is a leadership development specialist. In 1990 she set up the Hemingways Group, a leadership development and corporate transformation consultancy. She has worked with a number of top management teams and CEOs from blue chip companies assisting them to create the culture they need to support their business growth and people performance strategies.  Donovan excels at creating safe environments where deep personal transformation can happen individually and in collaboration. She is best known for her life-changing retreats which take place around the world. Motivate Yourself is her first  book.

SOURCE Andro  Donovan

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