Dusk or Dawn?

By Keith D. Rodebush, Contributor to US Daily Review.

It is quite amazing to peruse the news of the day and have your sensitivities assaulted by the latest headlines exposing the depth to which this nation has fallen away from it’s original intent:

Homemade Pies at Church event illegal

Child fined for lemonade stand with no permit

Judge rules you have no right to own cow; drink milk

Woman faces fine for garden in front yard

Vet builds treehouse for kids; zoning board says destroy it

These are but a few examples of the monster we have built. Yes WE made this. Every time that we ran to the city council and complained about our neighbors yard. Every time that we ask the government to protect us. Every time that we allowed our neighbors to be oppressed to improve our property values. Every time we re-elected officials who over-taxed and over-regulated. We have created a Frankenstein monster of bureaucracy that has morphed into a cancer that has affected every cell of our society. Every single thing that you do from the time you wake up until you lay down your tired head is monitored, taxed, regulated and manipulated by some government official. Every bureaucrat that is given power will work endlessly to increase that power, write more regulations and rules, find new offenses and expedite enforcement procedures upon the citizenry.

America has turned into the most despicable of all caricatures of the spoiled rotten brat, sitting on the floor screaming and demanding attention from all within earshot to attend to our needs. Where is the spirit of rugged individualism that this nation was founded on? Where is the pride in personal achievement that was the mainstay of American Exceptionalism? Where is the distrust of the federal government where at one time the citizens of a town would turn federal officials away, rather than be bound by the strings that are always attached to their assistance? Where are the Sheriffs who used to refuse federal authorities permission to act in their district? Where are the neighborhoods where the occupants would handle their own problems through community activism without crying to city officials? Where is the shame that used to accompany any hand-out? Where is the sense of place that kept neighbors vigilant in keeping their properties up to common standards? Where is the individual spirit that prevailed over prevaricators by exposing them to peers? What the Hell happened to our country? Where have all the Americans gone?

What you are witnessing my friends is the result of two worlds colliding. The apathy and sense of entitlement coupled with a century long struggle to overthrow the American form of government with Marxism. We have been led to slaughter by enthusiastic but ignorant followers of a failed philosophy all in the name of compassion for have-nots; ignoring their own hand in their inconsequential lives. Useful idiots attempting to create Utopia on earth because they have no real faith in Heaven above. Mal-educated miscreants spewing vitriolic hatred for all that is good and decent and honest and free. Our own passive tolerance for even the most vile of behaviors. A lie is not even regarded with discontent much less abomination even when uttered by the most powerful office in the world. An entire party structure taken over by America hating central planners who are willing to sacrifice the Liberty of future generations for their own power and aggrandizement. Disgusting vermin preying on the fears of the electorate to consolidate their power and personal fortunes. And WE THE PEOPLE tolerate them, elect them, hire them, let them teach our children, watch them, pay them, cow at their false charges of racism, fascism and elitism. All the while they destroy the very decent and traditional values of the American psyche and replace it with hateful envious and evil sins of emotion.

We are hanging on to the precipice with our fingernails. The Marxist assault on America is almost complete. A temporary shift in D.C. will not stop the entrenched bureaucracy that continues the march to slavery. The time is now. We must extricate ourselves from these self-appointed purveyors of regulatory life in America. Anybody who purports to help us by controlling us must be rejected with extreme prejudice. Anyone who packages their Marxist views in the flowery language of socialism must be publicly chastised and called out for the communists that they are. Personal Liberty, achievement and individual exceptionalism must be championed around this nation once again. Whiny intellectuals preaching moral relativism and misguided tolerance must be refuted in the strongest terms as the true evil of collectivism that they represent. 

We must protect our God given rights: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, free of interference from busy body do-gooders whose pathetic lives are only enhanced by power over others.

The sun is on the horizon. Is it dawn in America or dusk? The answer lies in your reaction the next time some pretentious government hack interferes in your life.

Keith D. Rodebush is a Christian businessman, a writer and an armchair scholar. He has a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Arkansas. Keith is currently working on a novel and periodically writes at his blog “Ignarus Semino Dominatus

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