Economic Outlook for Poland

By US Daily Review Staff.

The average GDP growth rate during 2001-2011 made Poland one of the consistently growing economies in Europe and the world. During 2001-2011, Poland’s GDP grew at a high CAGR of 13.6%. Lucintel estimatesthe Polish economy to grow to $736.3 billion at current price by 2017 with a CAGR of 3.9% over the next five years.

Radio personality and US Daily Review Publisher/Editor in Chief, Kevin Price traveled to Poland after the fall of Communism and has watched its political and economic situation since. Price said, “I traveled throughout Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union and Poland offered the most promise in terms of its economic future. That seems to be proving true.”

Lucintel is a management consultingand market research firm, and it has analyzed Poland’s political, economic, social, and business risk and presents its findings in “Poland Country Analysis 2012-2017: An Evaluation of Political, Social, Economic, and Business Risk.”

One of the main factors making an unfavorable impact on the Polish economy is the rising current account deficit and devaluation of zloty, which have turned it into a net payable country. Poland is particularly facing such problems because of its exported-oriented economy. Despite the decline in population growth rate,the high unemployment rate is also adding fuel to the existing problems in the economy.

Polandhas its brighter side too. Being a major contributor to GDP, the service sector of Poland, especiallyautomotive, telecom, and retail industries, is a key driver for the economy’s growth. Permitting 100% FDI in most of these major industries has indeed proved to be a boonfor the country’s sustained growth.Strong domestic demandformsanother key driver of the Polish economy.
Automotive, telecom, and healthcareindustries are in tune with the latest technologies. The government is also focused on increasing R&D spending for developing new technologies for different industries.

This Lucintel research report provides insights into the country overview, Poland’s economic performance, and a detailed risk analysis of political, social, economic, and business aspects. This research study is designed and intended for use by new entrants, manufacturers, OEMs, investors, executives, and consultants focused on the market of Poland.

The data and analysis found in this report can be utilized for a variety of functional business reasons, including: Business development, strategic planning, determination of market size and trends, competitive analysis, investment decisions, and joint product development.

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