Eczema below the Surface

By PuraCap Pharmaceutical LLC, Special for  USDR

Eczema in childhood is a critical issue, with as many as one out of every three kids suffering from this chronic skin condition. Beyond the constant itching, irritation and distraction caused by this silent skin disease, many children also endure bullying, teasing and a major hit to their self-esteem due to the inflamed, rough  patches.

In a new video, PuraCap® Pharmaceutical explores the effects of childhood eczema and how parents and kids can find  relief.

Fundamental to the disease is impairment to the skin barrier, the protective function that is responsible for the integrity of the skin and the regulation of water loss.  Eczema can be triggered especially this time of year by dry, heated indoor  environments.

When left untreated, eczema, which may begin during infancy, continues on into the child’s teenage years and often lasts into adulthood. In fact, according to a survey by PuraCap®Pharmaceutical, six in 10 adults report lower confidence as a result of  eczema.

In order to effectively manage eczema symptoms, dermatologists agree that repairing the skin barrier is key to successful treatment; however, 50 percent of consumers are not familiar with skin barrier repair products. In fact, the number one treatment used to combat eczema is over-the-counter moisturizers, which may grant temporary relief, but don’t provide lasting hydration or any  repair.

EpiCeram® Controlled Release Skin Barrier Emulsion can help restore skin to its natural healthy condition. The FDA-approved cream contains all of the essentials for total skin barrier repair to help relieve itching, dryness and redness. Formulated to help keep the skin at a healthy pH of 5, EpiCeram® works to repair the skin’s barrier and improve the protective properties of the  skin.

“Eczema-afflicted skin has fundamental issues with the protective skin barrier,” shares Dr. Jessie Cheung, Board-certified Dermatologist in Illinois. “EpiCeram replenishes the lost lipids in the skin with a unique blend of ceramides, cholesterol, and free fatty acids to help rebuild the skin barrier and bind moisture in the skin while keeping irritants  out.”

With a unique controlled-release technology, EpiCeram® delivers 24-hour barrier repair benefits with just twice-daily  application.

EpiCeram® is only available by prescription. Please consult your physician to find out how it can help manage your  eczema.

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