Eight Traits Every Awesome Athletic Coach Possesses

Have you ever wondered how fantastic athletic coaches work or what qualities they possess that make them the best at their job?

While there is no set formula to becoming a tremendous coach, we know for a fact that such individuals are winners on and off the field. However, You cannot deny one thing: a team’s success will largely depend on its coach. Players will not be able to taste success until their coach can manage and train them properly. A successful coach needs to know more than just the basic practice drills or the game’s rules.

Whether you are in search of a new coach for your team or in the process of becoming one yourself, you have come to the right place. Listed below are some traits all the best athletic coaches possess.

Knowledge About Their Sport

It goes without saying that a fantastic athletic coach must have an ample amount of knowledge about their sport of choice. They should be familiar with the tactic they should utilize throughout the sport and the rules and regulations that go into it.

Having such knowledge will allow their team to play better, regardless of the type of sport. Having immense knowledge also helps a coach organize his or her team a lot better while also planning match strategies through the entire game season.

Knowledge Of All The Athletes On The Team

Not every player on the team is the same. Everyone has different playing and learning styles, not to mention that they will also recover differently after an injury.

An excellent athletic coach keeps these differences in mind and pays close attention to every player’s well-being. This includes weaknesses, physical abilities, strengths, nutrition, rest, and mental health. In some cases, a coach might need to know their players personally to adjust their training routines properly. Educational courses such as this online masters athletic administration train coaches to efficiently and adequately manage their players and maximize their performance o and off the field. Try to hire one who has such an education credential. Or better yet, acquire one yourself if you want to become successful as a coach.

Ability To Motivate The Players

Sometimes, players will be up for practice. Other times, they might lack the motivation to do so. An excellent athletic coach can motivate his/her players to have a more positive attitude towards their sports of choice and everything involved. They should also encourage their players before they go onto the field of play.

When a team has a coach who motivates its players, scoring a home run will be easier, and players will give their best efforts consistently.

Effective Communication And Listening Skills

Besides knowing all the intricacies of the sport of their choice, an excellent coach knows how to communicate and listen. After all, strategizing to win will be futile if the coach cannot communicate the action plan effectively to all players and members. Whenever a coach explains the reasons behind every training routing or strategy change, team members will know what to do during particular situations both on and off the field.

Apart from communicating with team members, coaches must also be open to hearing their opinions and input. They should listen and understand their players’ life’s problems or if they require adjustments in their training routines for a specific reason.

The Desire To Improve

While knowledgeable about their sport of choice, a fantastic athletic coach should never think that they don’t have anything new to learn. On the contrary, they must actively strive to improve and develop new training techniques and refine their knowledge about the sports they love. Staying on top of sports trends and news, watching sports videos, acquiring more training, and taking advantage of networking opportunities with other sports managers and coaches is the perfect way for development.

Commitment To The Sport And Everyone Involved In It

Being a sports coach is not an easy task, but it has its rewards. However, to reap such rewards, one has to remain committed. It not only refers to the sport of their choice but also towards the players and other members of the team. It also means being able to communicate with the players’ families and educate them whenever necessary. It is always wise to remember one thing- an athletic coach will be more successful if they can get a player’s parents on their side and not against them. This is crucial to building a robust emotional support structure.

An Awesome Coach Must Have Discipline

A good coach should ways have discipline and try to impart it to other team members. This includes strict exercise, training sessions, and nutrition regimens. Good coaches talk the talk, but they also walk the walk and promote discipline in their players and themselves.

After all, their job is far more complicated than playing on the field. It is all about managing players and putting up with their egos, ensuring that everyone remains happy and plays at their best. And to do that, discipline is necessary.

They Must Retain Integrity Of The Team

While motivation plays a vital role in coaching, without maintaining their team’s integrity, the hunger to win every game can lead to harmful situations. It can cause detrimental side effects on the players’ health. An example of such a situation is the Penn Stae coaching debacle. Most winning coaches were disingenuous with their players and allowed great harm to occur to them behind-the-scenes.

Winning every game possible is excellent. However, winning should not come at the cost of a player’s mental or physical health. An incredible coach maintains a perfect moral compass that helps him or her supersede a win’s importance. Maintaining focus and leading by example, in the end, are two of the best approaches when it comes to managing a team’s integrity.


Sports coaches ultimately provide direction to their team members. However, not every coach will be equal, but those who possess the traits mentioned above will always stand out amongst the crowd. We hope these eight points will help aspiring coaches identify the areas where they need to improve. If you want to delve into the world of coaching athletes or a sports team, ask yourself if you can measure up to these points before you take the first step.

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