Engineer Shares How to Pay Off US Debt

By David Q. Tognoni, PE, Special for  USDR

A simple way to get rid of the US debt would be to sell most of the federal surface lands & sub-surface mineral rights to private owners and get rid of several federal agencies to boot. “Distribute the lands to the people… Get the lands and the mineral rights into private ownership and let them buy, sell, trade and produce. Look at all the value that would be created, along with jobs, taxes, equity, etc. Prosperity!” says David Q.  Tognoni.

The book “Lands of Liberty: Global Prosperity,” written by David Q. Tognoni, PE, is taking all the things he has learned over the past 64 years and simplifying it into the five pillars of Liberty. There are five basic principles that create liberty in America. These same principles can also be applied to other countries to also make them all “Lands of Liberty” with great  prosperity.

“If a Country is made up of wonderful private property and private mineral rights, has a terrific US Constitution, with great free markets of Capitalism, loving Christianity and people with the audacity to fight for it, it will be Lands of Liberty,” says  Tognoni.

Mr. Tognoni wrote this book to help those that do not understand the miracle called the ‘United States of America.’ Mr. Tognoni believes the USA needs to get back to the way America was intended to be by its founding fathers. Also, he has seen nation building going on and not working, due to the misunderstanding of what it takes to build “Lands of Liberty” like  America.

Mr. Tognoni has walked in many shoes, worn many hats, so he can speak from experience. He hopes this book helps others to understand and to continue to help build Lands of Liberty all over the world in the future. Great prosperity for all that want to work at it is  obtainable.

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About David Q. Tognoni,  PE:
David Tognoni is a Professional Geological Engineer and has been putting together the pieces to mineral exploration puzzles for over forty years in Alaska and the lower  48.

Lands of Liberty:  Global  Prosperity
Amazon Paperback and Kindle February 2, 2017
by David Q. Tognoni,  PE

SOURCE David Q. Tognoni,  PE

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