Explore Some of the Key Google Analytics Metrics for Enhancing Your SEO Results

You simply cannot undermine the role of Google Analytics in boosting SEO results. Hence, it is not at all surprising that the most successful and experienced digital marketers are quite familiar and conversant with the program. However, many marketers do not have an idea about ways to fully optimize all the valuable data provided by it.

As per https://www.forbes.com, the marketers must not only understand clearly the information provided to them but also have a sound understanding of the ways to effectively apply the information for boosting their brand. In this context, experts believe that you could have a thorough understanding and sound knowledge of Google Analytics only through regular use.

SEO is certainly a crucial digital marketing tool. SEO has become increasingly difficult to do. We have been witnessing less real estate for working with since Google has been giving more prominence to advertisements and fewer organic search results demonstrated on a page. Moreover, more marketers are realizing the significance of SEO. Around 61% of marketers admit that boosting SEO is supposed to be their top marketing priority. It implies certainly more competition for businesses and brands while striving to win searches.

When competition becomes intense, marketers must boost their SEO tactics for improving the possibility of emerging victorious in the search wars. In this context, experts believe that analytics could be of great help. If you are a seasoned digital marketer, definitely you have been using analytics for reviewing website traffic; however, you must use that critical information for boosting your SEO. You must consider analytics as your bosom friend. Here are some of the important Google Analytics metrics for enhancing your SEO results.


The acquisition is an important metric that provides marketers with valuable insight as to precisely where visitors are coming from and landing up on your page.  You could see precisely if visitors are coming via Google search, from social media, or via your newsletter, and more. This is certainly an amazing metric for helping you in many ways.

You could utilize acquisition for determining if specific social media marketing strategy is working fine. Simply keep tracking the visitors to your page just before your advertising campaign and thereafter, during and after the campaign. You must consider noting the exact percentage difference. Moreover, this valuable metric could help you in planning well in advance and also in targeting high-traffic outlets for obtaining more views through your marketing endeavors.


Next, you must focus your attention on conversions while keeping track of your metrics. A conversion is something all marketers would love to witness when visitors arrive at their site. For instance, from your perspective, a conversion could mean convincing somebody to sign up ultimately for a newsletter, visiting your blog, or purchasing a product or service. When you consider using conversions, you could see precisely how many visitors perform the act. This seems to be of pivotal importance to certain business owners who are attempting to guide their target audience towards a specific direction.  You may use conversions to your maximum advantage by integrating it with some smart marketing efforts, for example, provide customers with a coupon code for signing up for your particular newsletter that helps in boosting the conversions in terms of newsletter subscribers.

For many people, Google Analytics could seem challenging and complicated at first. However, once they start focusing their attention on valuable Google Analytics metrics, they may end up making data-driven decisions catering to their precise goals. However, whenever SEO gets tough, you could get in touch with brilliant Chicago SEO Company specialists.

Average Session Duration

We understand that average session duration seems to be a critical metric that helps you to determine accurately the length of time the user stayed on your site. It is difficult to identify a fantastic or ideal duration time. However, businesses want to see visitors stay on the page for more than 2 minutes. Whenever the average session duration seems to be less than two minutes, it is pretty evident that visitors are coming to your site but leaving almost instantly.

You could focus on improving the session duration of your site by making it more easily navigable, incorporating more high-quality content, and trying your best to make your site more interactive and engaging to your customers.


As per https://www.forbes.com, Google Analytics’ affinity metric would be instrumental in making you know and understand your customers or your target audience much better so that you could custom tailor all your marketing campaigns as per their unique needs. By meticulously analyzing the data here, you could determine precisely what your audience likes or dislikes. Moreover, you could get an idea of their precise buying and browsing behaviors. Once you get all these valuable insights from Google Analytics, you could come up with much better ads that should fascinate your target audience.

Affinity could be broken down into numerous categories for helping you pinpoint where exactly disconnect exists between the end consumer and your advertisement. The greater the affinity and more refined the advertisement; the higher are the possibilities of conversions.

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is somewhat associated with the ‘Average Session Duration’. Your bounce rate seems to be the percentage of users who visit your site and then leave at once without navigating further on your website. If you are having a bounce rate that is somewhere between 20 percent and 40 percent you are doing great. However, a lower than the 70 percent bounce rate is good since your ultimate aim is to hold the attention of visitors for a reasonable amount of time and ensure that they do not bounce off. It is natural for you to want your visitors to examine your content and purchase a product.


Your audience metric seems to be very crucial and valuable irrespective of the type of business you are running. Your audience information would comprise of factors such as gender, location, age, etc. You could consider utilizing this vital information for chalking out your marketing stratagem based primarily on the demographic. The audience metric seems to be just right for letting marketers fine-tune their demographic and focus on targeting people who could genuinely be benefitted from the specific product or service offered by them.


There are a plethora of small metrics utilized in Google Analytics and all these metrics have their unique purpose for businesses. If you wish to improve your overall SEO results, you must make the most of the maximum number of metrics to the extent possible. Use the valuable information and create a thriving page for your business that could keep your audience pleased for many more years to come.

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