Famous facts about Lana Del Rey’s Instagram

Lana Del Rey is one of the most favorite singers of all time. She has started her journey to this success for very long. She was born in New York and has a strong wealthy family background. Her birth name was Elizabeth Woolridge Grant. She started pursuing her career as a singer when she left high school. Her uncle had taught her to play guitar and after some time, the star started writing songs. She completed her studies from Fordham University where she used to play her music as well. She seriously started pursuing her career in music in the year 2005. Lana Del Rey has some most famous hits which makes her loved so much by her fans and followers. Her summer wine, Young and beautiful, summertime sadness are some of her most hit songs. She had her short film released by the end of 2013 named Tropico that kept the star in fame.

Below mentioned are some famous facts about Lana Del Rey’s Instagram and other social media accounts:

1-    Account highlights

Lana Del Rey has a very basic bio on her Instagram and other social media profiles. She has simply stated her name and also added a link in her bio which directs to her music. She has two stories which she had marked as highlights and both the highlights are liked by her followers and fans on Instagram. She on her profile has uploaded her cute basic activities like her videos of playing soccer, singing songs and having an ice cream hang out with her friends.  Lana Del Rey is famous for being so humorous and down to earth on her Instagram. She is a celebrity but lives a normal life.

2-    Music releases

Lana Del Rey never forgets to share about her new music album releases. She has recently posted a teaser regarding her upcoming music album. She loves to share tiny details about her love of music with her followers on Instagram. Lana Del Rey’s profile on Instagram is always filled with teasers of her upcoming albums.

3-    Vintage photos

Lana Del Rey loves to take vintage photos. One thing that her followers notice about her photos is that they are mostly posted without any caption on them. But her photos always are amazing and interesting to her fans. Even her music has got some vintage effects. So it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the star loves vintage. Lana Del Rey builds her style of vintage photos.

4-    Selfies

Like everyone else on Instagram, Lana Del Rey posts her beautiful selfies. However she posts her selfies off and on but once you open her Instagram profile, you can find many of her stunning selfies there. One of her famous selfies which received the most likes on Instagram was that where she was wearing a black glittered dress accessorized with a diamond choker. She looks stunning and appealing with her amazingly unique fashion sense. She is always seen in Gucci ads. About 12.7 million people have followed her and this number keeps on increases. You can follow her as a fashion expert too because she has a classy taste.

5-    She shares good reasons

Lana Del Rey is always active on social media when it is especially about raising awareness for any good cause. She takes an active part in issues and tries to resolve them with her celebrity fame. She discusses LA fires, feminism, and charities as much as she can. Her charities have the main focus on raising funds for researches.  She has posted a video on her Instagram profile in which she praises the science awards for funding about $22 million for conducting scientific research. One of the main reasons for which people love her is that she always uses her profiles for promoting good causes.

Lana Del Rey is loved by her fans and followers due to the above mentioned and other several reasons. People love her, like her and support her for all good she has done and she keeps on doing. The celebrity is so humorous and down to earth despite having so much fame and fan following.

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