Fighting Climate Change in Cities

By National League of Cities, Special for  USDR

Today, President Donald J. Trump signed the Energy Independence Executive Order, a measure that begins the process of undoing the Clean Power Plan, rescinds the moratorium on coal mining of federal lands and instructs agencies to review policies related to climate change. Earlier this month, during NLC’s Congressional City Conference, more than 70 local elected officials signed onto a climate action letter in anticipation of this executive action and a budget proposal to cut or eliminate clean energy and climate programs. In light of today’s action, NLC President Matt Zone, councilmember, Cleveland, released the following  statement:

“Cities and city leaders recognize how important it is to protect our environment, but we also recognize that this is not simply an environmental issue. Leading economists agree that climate change threatens our future prosperity. U.S. military officials agree that it threatens global security. Engineers agree that it threatens our critical infrastructure. And doctors agree that it threatens our public  health.

“Cities have already taken bold action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare our communities for extreme weather events, and we stand ready to continue this work. Nonetheless, our efforts to promote resilient communities and enhance public health would only be complemented by a strong federal-local partnership. We believe today’s executive order undermines this partnership, imperils the health of our citizens and threatens our environment. Rolling back federal actions designed to protect the environment will have impacts to local economies, public health and public  safety.”

“Local leaders are on the front lines of the fight against climate change every day, and we will continue to advocate for ambitious policies that address this global crisis, spur action at the local level and support our cities. Cities will continue to lead on fighting climate change, protecting public health and promoting a safer, cleaner planet — even if Washington will  not.”

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