Filmmaker’s Documentary Say Obamacare will be a “No Go”

By US Daily Review Staff.

Filmmaker Matthew Perdie walked from coast to coast, across the United States (from June 22nd, 2009 to July 4th 2010) in order to “bring awareness to the dangers of massive tyrannical government expansion by both the previous and current administrations,” says Perdie. During the course of his walk, Perdie recorded his thoughts and his experiences with citizens all across the United States and produced Perdie Across America, a documentary series. Perdie is also the editor of the controversial upcoming film Runaway Slave.

“I was walking across the United States when this bill was being proposed and passed by our 111th Congress,” Perdie states. “Most Americans were extremely frustrated by the mere fact that Obamacare was even being proposed in the first place. Based on all of the American citizens who I randomly met across the USA, I cannot even begin to fathom how betrayed most Americans must be feeling now that even the Supreme Court is in the business of redefining the very document that they were appointed to protect.”

The purpose of this DVD series is to “provoke questioning of the dangers of massive government expansion, while acknowledging the principles and virtuous behavior that are necessary for the survival of a free Constitutional Republic,” as stated at

“I actually feel pretty bad for the progressive entities inside of our federal government,” says Perdie. “For over 100 years they all worked so hard to stealthily embed our government with expansive legislation that would “fundamentally transform the United States of America,” and at the very last second they made the mistake of moving too fast with Obamacare. Their efforts are about to be wasted. Mega fail…”

The first chapter of Perdie’s DVD series Perdie Across America (The Integrity of Principle), examines the theme of how the lack of dedication to one’s stated principles (both in the private and public sector) has a direct relationship with apathy.

In episode 2, Virtue of The Republic, Perdie states, “A country that does not care to speak politics because it could potentially incite a heated argument are choosing to endanger liberty, for the convenience of apathy.”

In episode 3 of Perdie Across America, Perdie expresses the belief that the elected U.S. Government Representatives’ lack of integrity is a direct result of the “…apathetic consent of the governed.”

“The statist politicians considered the 2009 rise of the Tea Party a significant threat to their power,” says Perdie, “but what they don’t know is that the expansion of their tyrannical behavior will in-fact be the very inciting incident which will motivate the formally apathetic, and exponentially increase the power of the grassroots entity that will abolish their tyrannical ways.”

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