Five Fashion Blunders To Avoid

Fashion mistakes. We all make them, and we all hate being reminded of them. There are photos of us taken years ago that are on social media right now, and we’d love it if someone could take them down for us. There are hairstyles we’d rather not own up to, and trends that we wish we’d never jumped on. If you haven’t made a fashion faux pas in the past, you probably haven’t been trying hard enough. Mistakes are inevitable when you’re trying to find your best look, and so long as you learn from them, that’s fine. 

Wouldn’t it be nice, though, if there was some way of avoiding fashion mistakes before they happened? All of us can think of occasions where we wished our friends were a little more honest about their opinions of our wardrobe, or that someone had given us advice about how we looked before we stepped out of the house. We want to be your friends in this instance. We’ve seen trends come and go, and we’ve both seen and made mistakes that you can learn from. Here’s a selection of five very common, very regrettable fashion mistakes – and we present them here in the hope that you’ll learn from them and ensure that you never made them in the future!

Thinking That Tuxedos Are Just For Men

The title here is self-explanatory. Tuxedos are not just for men. For many years we’ve assumed that tuxedos were reserved exclusively for James Bond or for men visiting casinos. Times have changed a lot since then. Casinos are giving way to online slots websites. Tuxedos are no longer just for men. Online slots websites aren’t just for men either, but that’s a whole different story! Tuxedos for women are a powerful statement and a fantastic fashion choice for any formal occasion. You could wear them to a casino if you wanted to, or you could wear them for a big business meeting. We suppose you could also wear one to play online slots like Fishin Frenzy slot if you wanted, although that might feel excessive. The big headline is ‘tuxedos are yours, ladies.’ Go out and get one. 

Believing You Can Never Have Too Many Accessories

We’ve all heard this expression before. Very few of us just put on an outfit and then head out of the house. We’ll accessorize and then accessorize again until we’re wearing multiple accessories, and we’ll tell ourselves that we’ve done a good thing. This is rarely the case. Contrary to the received wisdom, it’s entirely possible to put on too many accessories. Coco Chanel once said that the best way to handle accessorizing is to take off the last thing you put on, and we’d rather take fashion advice from here than from almost anybody else. Owning a lot of jewelry is great, but there’s no need to put all of it on every time you dress up. 

Wearing Tights With Everything

A few years ago, we read a fashion article that speculated on how old women have to be before they’re too old to wear patterned tights. At the risk of sounding controversial, we think the answer to that question is ‘one year old.’ We’re not just talking about patterned tights here either – we’re talking about tights of any kind. Tights are for schoolgirls and grandparents. They age you more than any other garment, and they’re a fashion hangover from a bygone age. There are many ways to cover your legs that don’t involve tights, and we prefer all of them. Also, think about this from a practicality point of view – no more tights means no more ladders and holes. Wouldn’t that be a sweet relief? 

Choosing Clothes For Social Media

We’re not saying that the world was better before Instagram came along, but – actually, that’s exactly what we’re saying. Instagram and websites like it have put a lot of pressure on all of us to look our best every time we’re somewhere that we might get a camera pointed at us, and that’s led to some regrettable outfit choices for most of us. We pick clothes because we think they’ll look good in pictures more than because we like them, or because they’re comfortable or practical. At the risk of stating the obvious, clothes have to be worn. That means they have to be comfortable to move around in. A lot of ‘high fashion’ items – especially the ones that become very brief trends on Instagram – don’t fit this description. Make sure that your clothes don’t just look good, but feel good. 

Going For The Baggy Approach

We don’t know how to explain this to those of you who are still stuck in the 1990s and buying oversized clothes, but grunge ended as a fashion a long time ago. It might have been cool and fun to dress like you were in an alternative rock band for a while at the end of the last century, but those days are well and truly over. We fully support dressing for your size, and we think that not enough people do it, but there’s a big difference between dressing for your size, and wearing clothes that you could fit inside twice with room to spare. Just as buying clothes that are too tight is a huge mistake, buying clothes that are too baggy is an error, too. Like tights, baggy clothes can make you look older than you really are. Dresses should not be tents. Jeans shouldn’t be flares. Baggy is trashy. 

Thanks for stopping by and reading our crash course in fashion mistakes today. We can already think of several more that we haven’t included in this article, so we might come back and address those at a later date! Fashion doesn’t have to be difficult, but it’s often made difficult by people either trying too hard or trying to do everything with a look at once. Keep it simple, scale back on the accessories, and don’t age yourself before your time. That’s honestly all there is to it! 

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