Five Sexiest Congresswomen

By, Special for US Daily Review. a worldwide Leader in Celebrity Gossip, Music and Entertainment News, Celebrity Scandals, Hollywood Rumors, and Personal Dirt with its new DirtBlurb, today announced its much-anticipated Capital Hill’s Top 5 Sexiest Congresswoman List

The editors say the winner was easy to select. However, the next four weren’t as easy. is rapidly becoming a leading worldwide entertainment media brand. covers 30,000 celebrities and has access to the World’s Largest Database of Celebrity Photos. Team Dirt’s Dirtarazzi and Dirt Reporters report on world breaking stories and scandal from Hollywood, L.A. , Malibu, New York, Miami, St. Tropez, St Bartes, Paris, Rio, and London.
Shari Rock, Dirt’s spokesperson says, “The people at Dirt selected Kristi Noem as the #1 Sexiest Congresswoman on capital hill. After perusing through the photos and videos of our elected officials, it is clear that the men in the office couldn’t get enough of Kristi. She is smoking hot, and looks like she could be walking the runway as a Victoria Secret Model. And yes, we would love to see that. Rock says, “We really don’t know much about her politics, and we really don’t care. We are just happy that we have a totally hot woman representing us on Capital Hill.”

The Top Five Sexiest Congresswomen on Capital Hill in 2012 according to
5. Ann Marie Buerkle ; New York
4. Jamie Herrera Beutler ; Washington
3. Loretta Sanchez : California
2. Michelle Bachmann ; Minnesota

1. Kristi Noem; South Dakota

Kristi Noem is Number One. Do You Agree?

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