Former Senior Defense Official Challenges Hagel to Speak Out


General Jerry Boykin, Family Research Council’s Executive Vice President and former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, called on the Pentagon leadership to resign two weeks ago.  Today, General Boykin released the following statement in response to the resignation of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel:

“Public statements made today by President Obama and Secretary Hagel regarding the state of our military do not reflect reality.  Once Secretary Hagel leaves his position, he should speak out about where the President is taking our military readiness and our foreign policy. It would be wrong to wait, like his predecessors, until a book deal comes along.

“The American people deserve and have a right to hear the truth about the damage the President’s policies have inflicted on the military.  We can’t wait any longer to restore the readiness of our military capability.  Our national security depends upon it.

“Consider that America has been at war for 13 years and our military has an all-time high suicide rate, out of control PTSD, and family disintegration at unprecedented levels.  The Obama administration has not announced a serious and coherent strategy to destroy ISIS.  Now we are sending our young men and women — who are not adequately trained to fight Ebola — on something that is NOT a military mission in the first place.

“The passiveness of the current Joint Chiefs of Staff has given support to the destruction of America’s war fighting capabilities. Programmed cuts in the military budget as well as cuts resulting from sequestration are reducing America’s readiness to a dangerously low level. It’s time for the rest of the Pentagon leadership to resign in protest.

“Possibly the most egregious issue is the attack on religious liberty, as the First Amendment rights of service members’ faith are being infringed on constantly. By embracing the foolish and destructive decisions of the Obama administration, the military leadership is contributing to and overseeing the downfall of our most important national security asset, the US Armed Forces,” concluded Boykin.

SOURCE Family Research Council

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