From Sex Scandals to Tax Fraud, Can Today’s Leaders Truly Be Trusted?

By Jeremy Morris, Associate Editor, USDR.

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner faces allegations of sexual harassment.Fabrice Tourre, former Goldman Sachs trader, is accused of fraud. Need we mention politician Anthony Weiner? These are the headlines that make up the daily news. The question still remains; can we truly trust leaders to adequately guide business success?

Dan Riley, motivational speaker and former VP of Operation of Ralphs/Kroger, notes that “the great leaders will rise out of the age of transparency.” The words ring true in today’s digital world, when leaders in business and politics have nowhere to hide.  True leadership is leading by example and maintaining trust is now set at a higher standard for leaders across the board.

There is a great need for preparation and strategy for how to better handle this kind of vulnerability. Dan Riley founded The Inspired Grocer, a leadership training and motivational speaking service, to “teach leaders how to establish trust and heed the digital exposure.” These are Dan Riley’s five tips for managing that kind of responsibility:

  1. Serve your customers in and out of the office
  2. Be a source of passion and motivation
  3. Be a mentor
  4. Empower through personal communication
  5. Understand your personal legacy
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