Gardening Tech You Need To Have

For those who are interested in gardening, there has never been a better time to dip your toes in the proverbial waters. While you might find that seasoned gardeners scoff at some of the latest technological advances that make gardening much easier, that doesn’t mean that you are doing anything less than what your garden needs. Even if you don’t have the years of experience and tools handed down through multiple generations, you still have the opportunity to grab a slice of the Dream for your  own.

If you want to be smart about your gardening endeavors, then check out these incredible  finds:

  1. Garden Compass Smartphone  App

Quit wasting valuable time searching through countless gardening publications to find the answers you need. Instead, check out this great app offered by Garden Compass. Horticultural experts from around the globe have helped to put together the information on this comprehensive app. Take a picture of your plants and upload it to the site. You will get an exact identity of the plant, as well as a suggested gardening calendar based on your geographical location. The premium membership is definitely the way to go when using this valuable  app.

  1. Stihl HLA 85 telescopic cordless hedge trimmer, including AP 180 battery and AL 300 quick  charger

If your shrubs look like something from a spooky flick, it is time to do something about it with this battery-powered tool from reputable manufacturer Stihl. You can extend the cutter to reach high and deep parts of the hedges to ensure your hedges look fantastic when you are finished. The motor is so quiet, your neighbors won’t even hear you working on your lawn in the wee hours of the early weekend mornings. You can get more than two hours out of a single battery  charge.

  1. Olloclip Macro Pro  Lens

If you love Instagram, this is for you! Use it with the digital zoom on your iPhone to take incredibly close-up photos. You can find out more about the structure of your plants and what types of pests are causing problems. With 100X magnification possible, this will quickly become an indispensable  tool.

  1. Parrot Flower Power Plant  Monitor

We heard about this one from The Tree Centre. This decorative parrot isn’t just cute, it provides valuable information directly to your mobile device. You will need Bluetooth 4.0 or newer in order to receive a report on the plant. It will tell you what the plant needs each day, along with monitoring how well your plant is getting those needs  met.

  1. Batavia Maxxheat 2000w 3-in-1 Weeder by Mower  Magic

If you want to get rid of weeds but dislike the use of harsh chemicals, this is the choice for you. This tech device works by zapping the plant with a concentrated burst of heated air. The high temperatures will kill the plant without harming you or the environment. Transformed into a hand-held piece, this electrical device can also be useful for stripping paint from various surfaces and getting your grill to light up. It only takes a minute to heat up and seconds to  work.

  1. Hozelock Cloud Controller by  Leekes

If you have a Hozelock irrigation system installed already, or are planning to do so, this app is an ideal way to control the watering schedule. When you are away for any reason, you can remotely activate the watering system. The app will let you know about any changes to the weather that could impact the watering  schedule.

  1. Husqvarna Automower 450X by Sam Turner &  Sons

If you can afford this mower, buy it! This robotic mower is remotely activated, meaning that you can mow your lawn while sipping on a glass of cold iced tea. Use the GPS feature so you can track exactly where your mower is. Don’t forget to warn your neighbors about your unmanned lawn  mower.

  1. Ultimate Ears: UE  Megaboom

No matter what type of tunes you like, being able to enjoy music while you are gardening can help you to get into a happy work groove. The Megaboom by Ultimate Ears is a perfect way for you to listen to your favorite tunes as you work on planting, pruning and harvesting from your garden. You can use the Bluetooth speaker indoors or outdoors, so it is easy to take with you no matter where you are gardening that day. The powerful clarity of the speaker makes it a great investment so you can jam out whenever you like. Waterproof and stainproof, it is available in several  colors.

  1. Netatmo Weather Station (Indoor and Outdoor Module plus Rain and Wind  Gauges)

This complete weather station can be used to help you track everything from air quality to air pressure. You can find out the temperature and humidity as well, even if you are on the other side of the planet. Knowing the atmospheric conditions will allow you to attend to the important aspects of maintaining your  garden.

  1. Sherpa Power Barrow by Mower  Magic

Imagine an wheelbarrow that you don’t have to break your back pushing. Now own it with the Sherpa Power Barrow with a single-finger throttle and lockable disc  brake.

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