Genuine Trump

By  Michelle Seiler-Tucker, Special for  USDR

Donald J. Trump did not enter the presidential race like most other candidates, and that’s a good thing. In an era of career politicians and canned, rhetoric-heavy speeches, Trump brings with him a level of candor and business experience new to the political landscape. While Trump’s announcement speech this week was no doubt loud and perhaps a bit abrasive in parts, it was truly genuine. Trump is addressing key issues in the nation head on, and not couching them in comfortable political-double talk like many other presidential  hopefuls.

Trump is being criticized for his lack of political experience – I think this is great! First of all, Donald Trump is one of the most successful business leaders in the world; he has proven his ability to manage great numbers of people and get results time and time again. Moreover, Trump is able to self-fund his campaign, eliminating the possibility of shady contributions which so often plague the political process. Trump brings an outsider’s view of politics, which is the sort of refreshing look Washington needs – no more cookie cutter career  politicians.

Trump’s business experience and straight-forward stance offer voters something new and a change to the Republican primary. Candidates facing Trump must rise to his level of honesty and be just as loud-and-clear on issues as he is. Additionally, if Trump is elected, his business experience will translate to responsible financial management of the country, something just about everyone can agree is good. Critics says this is just a publicity stunt by Trump. However, Donald is preparing to disclose his financial records in accordance with election rules in August, something that is not a simple task given the size of Trump’s  empire.

Trump is a face we all know well, but a new one to the political theater. If nothing else, he will shake things up and make for an interesting Republican  primary.

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