Get to Know "Simple and Sold's" Sissy Lapin – An Insight to Real Estate Supremacy


For over 28 years; Sissy Lappin has effectively marketed/sold over ‘1 billion dollars in real estate. To date, Sissy Lappin has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and USA Today, and Men’s Health!

Sissy started her real estate career in the mid 80’s at the age of 25. When real estate was in one of the worst recessions this country had seen, she saw these challenging times as a great opportunity to learn during a hard time. In 1986, Sissy joined Century Development Corporation, one of the most active real estate firms, in the country. To give you a bit of history, Century was responsible for developing many of the buildings in downtown Houston. Century also developed several high-end, residential high-rise buildings. When the real-estate market crashed, Sissy was hired to be part of a team at Century, to try a different approach to marketing these residential buildings. Her team successfully filled the occupancy in all of these buildings at over 90% in less than two years during a terrible real estate market. Sissy refers to her experience at Century as “getting a PHd in real estate from Harvard and getting paid for it.” Sissy was fortunate to work with some of the brightest and most successful minds in real estate; she was taught the ins and outs of real estate by one of the best, Ric Campo, President of Camden. After experiencing tons of success in Houston, Sissy’s team established a successful program in Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin.  Today, she is also the Prestige Property Editor for USDR.

Several years after experiencing success around Texas, a group of European Investors purchased several residential projects in Houston and made her an offer that she could not refuse. After successfully selling the projects out, She began her career in residential home. Since beginning her career in residential home, Sissy has been recognized as a market leader and top producer in the Houston area. She has earned the highest level of trust and respect from her peers in the industry as well as her clients. From the beginning of her career, she has served her clients’ best interests with independent thinking and a cutting-edge perspective on the real estate market.  Sissy’s success is defined by her commitment and dedication to a gold standard of one-on-one service. She brings years of experience, a deep knowledge of the market, excellent negotiating skills and expertise in all steps of the process to every single client and transaction. The founder of Lappin Properties, Sissy runs one of the most successful real estate firms in Houston.  Though highly respected in her industry, Sissy is considered a renegade because she has chosen to remain and independent broker and not a large firm.   Sissy has been named by the Houston Business Journal as the “#1 broker for selling the most expensive homes in Houston.” Sissy believes it is important for her to remain an independent leader in real estate so that her clients know that she is 100% committed to their interest. Her method is proven with over a 80%-90% referral rate.

Her client, T. Gay had this comment
“I can’ t thank Sissy Lappin enough for her commitment to making sure that we got what our house was worth! When we consulted with a major firm, we were told to list our house 20% less than what it sold for.  Not to mention, Lappin Properties commission was also less than other firms’ standard 6%.  I give Lappin Properties a grade A, and my family couldn’t be more satisfied with their services. “

T. Gay Closed in Dec. 2013

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