Getting Patients Where they need to Be

By AeroCare Air Ambulance Service, Special for  USDR

AeroCare Worldwide Air Ambulance has introduced an organ transplant “Pre-Plan Service” for patients awaiting organ transplants. The Pre-Plan Service will benefit patients who are in need of a fast flight to the organ transplant location that is out of their home state. By pre-registering with AeroCare ahead of time, the patient’s pertinent information is stored within AeroCare’s patient  database.

Because organs can become available at any time and patients are given a small window of time to be at the location of the transplant, the Pre-Plan is a huge time saver for the organ  recipient.

AeroCare Aeromedical Case Manager Alex Quintana said, “The Pre-Plan allows the patient to save time from searching for an air ambulance provider. The flight information is already in our database and authorization from the insurance plan or payment has already been set up. It cuts down on the coordination time and allows them to get to their needed location quicker.  It also assures them that transportation will already be coordinated when the call comes in for their  transplant.”

How Does It  Work?

Once the call comes in to a patient from their doctor that an organ is available, the patient would immediately contact AeroCare and indicate they are enrolled in the Pre-Plan. At that moment AeroCare activates the patients plan. An AeroCare Learjet air ambulance stands by at the pre-determined airport ready to lift off as soon as the pre-plan patient arrives at the airport. The fast Learjet flies the patient to the location of the organ. Upon arrival at the organ’s location, the patient is driven to the hospital in an emergency vehicle with lights flashing and sirens. The precious time the Pre-Plan service saves an organ transplant recipient is  invaluable.

Transplant candidates can enroll in the Pre-Plan program by visiting AeroCare – Organ Transplant Pre-Plan, by calling 800-823-1911 or by sending an email to They will be provided with an information packet that they will need to complete. Aeromedical case managers will run the timeline based on the nearest location of our aircraft and make sure that we will be able to service the candidate in the time required to be in position for the transplant. If timing works, we will take the information and have them listed by name in our  system.

Entering its 23nd year of operations, AeroCare Air Ambulance is a CAMTS (Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems) accredited fixed-wing air ambulance provider with bases in Chicago, Ft. Lauderdale, and Scottsdale. AeroCare provides air medical transports for patients throughout the world utilizing a fleet of medically-configured aircraft including: Learjet 31ER, Learjet 35A, and Learjet 55. AeroCare’s 24-hour Communication Center can be reached by calling 800-823-1911 or if outside the US or Canada by calling +1 (630) 466-0900. For more information visit

SOURCE AeroCare Air Ambulance  Service

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