Giving the Gift of Safe Water

By LifeStraw, Special for  USDR

With increasing concern about water safety at home and in communities all over the world, LifeStraw, a leader in water filtration, encourages consumers to give the gift of safe water for family and friends in North America this holiday season, and, at the same time, bring safe water to school children in developing communities. Through the humanitarian LifeStraw Follow the Liters program, a portion of the proceeds from each LifeStraw filter or purifier purchased in North America provides one school child in Africa with safe drinking water for an entire school  year.

The LifeStraw Go two-Stage refillable water bottle is new this year. It features a hollow fiber membrane that removes 99.9999 percent of waterborne bacteria (including E.coli and salmonella) and 99.9 percent of waterborne protozoa (including Giardia and Cryptosporidium) (stage one), and a carbon capsule that reduces chlorine, bad odor and taste (stage  two).

The quality of safe drinking water is a worldwide concern and is particularly detrimental to the health of children in developing communities. According to the United Nations Development Programme, 2.5 million kids miss school each day because of illnesses from safe drinking water. The LifeStraw Follow the Liters program works to reduce these  statistics.

In February 2017, LifeStraw will bring its third Follow the Liters program to Kenya, where high-volume LifeStraw Community water purifiers will be distributed to schools in rural villages. Following this distribution campaign, over 1,000 schools in the region will have been visited and more than 600,000 school children will have ongoing access to safe  water.

LifeStraw is sold in North America through LifeStraw’s exclusive partner, EarthEasy, and can be purchased in retail stores or online at The suggested retail price for the LifeStraw Go with two-stage filtration is  $49.95.

About  LifeStraw
LifeStraw focuses on innovation of technology that converts microbiologically contaminated water into safe drinking water. It’s manufactured by Vestergaard, a global health company dedicated to improving the health for people, many of whom live in developing countries. The first LifeStraw water filter was introduced in 2005. Today, LifeStraw is used in 64 countries and includes filters and purifiers for households, clinics, schools, and for outdoor recreation, travel and everyday personal  use.

SOURCE  LifeStraw

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