Good Reasons to Consider Installing an Elevator in your Home


When you think “elevator” you probably think of larger shops or other commercial premises, but there are actually many good reasons to consider installing an elevator in your home too. As with most areas of life, the price of elevators has fallen considerably in recent years as technology and production methods have improved, making the tech more affordable and within the reach of more people.

Adding an elevator to your home may make it more functional—and will almost certainly add value to your house. Plus, if you intend to stay in your home for any length of time, as you get older, you’ll undoubtedly appreciate the fact you added one to save those tiring walks up the stairs. Here are just a few reasons why adding an elevator to your home might just make perfect sense.

Elevators take up considerably less space than traditional stairs

Traditional stairs take up a far bigger area than an elevator, meaning you can release redundant space otherwise reserved for your stairs—and possibly thereby add value to your home through the additional space. Installing a smaller-sized elevator such as those provided in the extensive range by professional company, ATIS, could see you making the most of the available space in your home.

An elevator could add considerable value to your home

The value of adding an elevator doesn’t just stop at the extra space afforded—you may also increase the worth of your home and gain a greater return on investment (ROI) by installing one. The best way to check if an elevator is likely to add value to your home is by asking an appraiser to visit and give you advice.

Elevators make life easy

Installing an elevator will remove the drudgery of walking upstairs. Perhaps more importantly, it can make it significantly easier to move objects from one floor to the next. Your home doesn’t need to be huge to justify adding an elevator—even just simple tasks become considerably easier (particularly when you’re moving heavier items).

If you’re aging, you’ll most definitely appreciate having an elevator

The average American spends around 13 years in the same home, meaning—particularly if you’re aging—you’ll come to appreciate the benefits of not having to contend with stairs every day. One of the hardest decisions in life is having to leave a family home through mobility issues, so having an elevator will allow you to extend the time you stay in your beloved home. Along with other equipment such as rails in corridors and hallways and walk-in baths, an elevator will let you enjoy your home for longer.

Elevators are safer than stairs

Regardless of your age, stairs can be dangerous. In particular, if you have children or perhaps failing eyesight, traditional stairs can present a significant hazard. Installing an elevator removes these dangers and makes your home safer.

An elevator makes a style statement

Having an elevator in your home will most definitely impress guests and, with the huge range of styles available, you can choose the perfect model to suit your existing décor. Moreover, many companies offer personalization services—everything from the door colors to the interior.

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