Have California Election Officials Been Caught in Conflict?

By US Daily Review. Source: FullDisclosure.net.

Should the media and voters have access to the public voting records to verify the accuracy of the election outcome?  The Full Disclosure Network  believes it has, according to the organization, “captured a five minute video featuring a striking conflict between the Orange County and Los Angeles County Registrars of Voters in their interpretations of the California Elections Code.” Watch Video here URL: http://www.fulldisclosure.net/Blogs/110.php

Precinct Vote Reports Confidential?

The Orange County official claims that State Laws hold that “public voting records are confidential” therefore in this video he denies citizens and the media access to review precinct voter rosters.  These rosters are the official public record that documents how many ballots were actually issued to voters who signed the rosters and submitted their ballots.

Orange County vs LA County Control Access To Voting Records

The video features Neal Kelley, Orange County Registrar of Voters and Dean Logan Registrar of Voters for Los Angeles County, (the largest County in the nation) where many close state-wide ballot initiatives and candidate races are counted by county government employees, the gate keepers of public voting records.  At the end of the video, viewers are asked to participate in an online opinion survey and to leave their comments as to which election official they believe is telling the truth about the laws governing elections in California.

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The 2011 Full Disclosure® public cable TV series entitled “Voter Insecurity” on Orange County election procedures, features eye witness testimony of what happened when the citizens attempted to access the public voting records. Watch this short video preview (5 minutes) and all six segments.

The Full Disclosure Network® is an Emmy Award-winning public affairs cable access television program that can be viewed on community and public cable channels throughout California and in major cities across the nation as well as on the world-wide Internet at http://www.fulldisclosure.net

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