Holiday Season is Here: Tips to Create a Video for Your Family Photo Album

By Jürgen Kurz, Special for USDR


Surprise your family before and after the holidays by creating slideshows of last year’s Christmas and sending them to your family as a unique invitation. Not feeling creative? Don’t get frustrated using some super-complicated software – with the Nero 2015 Suite, its “Nero Video” video-editing software helps you create your first video in just a few minutes and upload it to YouTube or send it via email – all with added music, sound effects and great transitions.
You can make a cool, fun and short video that your family is sure to want to watch. Here’s what you’ll need:
Video or photo footage of your last Christmas vacation (It could come from your PC or mobile device)
Nero 2015 trial
How to Create the Video
Import and edit your footage: Plug in your point-and-shoot camera or camcorder. Go to “Import from AVCHD” and “Camera.” You can also import photos and videos directly from your photo folder in the event that you’ve already copied it over from your camera or smartphone.

No pressure, but the arrangement is what will make or break your holiday video. Be sure to consider your audience and make sure to tell a story. The best way to tell a story is to combine photos and videos from a specific moment or a funny situation, such as when dad unwrapped the wrong present and got himself the latest Barbie set. Don’t simply arrange all your photos and videos in a predictable order, but don’t mix them up in a way that makes them difficult to understand or look random, either.
Give your movies a warm, holiday glow. It’s now time to add effects to your Christmas video. For example, use the “Express Slow Motion” setting or enhance brightness under the “Adjust” category.


A variety of visual effect features allow you to intensify colors or give a magical holiday scene a fitting slow-motion effect. If you want to show your audience multiple pictures in a row, use the “Pan and Zoom” palette to make it feel less static. Just remember this with all the zooming and enhancing: Less is more!
The perfect score: With Nero Video, it’s still easier than ever before to add the perfect background music: Simply drag any music file (MP3, OGG, WAVE) on to your timeline.
Share your perfect holiday video: Once you’re done editing your video, hit “Next “and export your movie to the web, on YouTube, into a smartphone compatible format or burn it straight to DVD/Blu-ray – or you can upload it to a cloud-based file transfer service, like Nero’s free online drive, and share it with your family via email in just a few seconds.

Now that you’ve created your personal holiday video, depending on how long the clip is, you could easily be looking at a couple of dozen or hundred megabytes. It’s not as easy to share via email, and even if your email service supports large files, you don’t know whether they’ll ever reach your family’s accounts. That’s why Nero has also created Nero SendIt, a new component of their Nero BackItUp service, which allows users to backup 5 GB (free) or unlimited data with a paid subscription from PCs, Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. You can even use Nero SendIt’s cloud service to transfer files.


Simply go to and sign up for free. Next, type in both your email and the address(es) of your recipient(s). Chose a nice subject line, such as “Your Christmas Invitation 2014” or “Remember Last Christmas?” Finally, drag and drop the video file from your desktop or Windows Explorer to the Nero SendIt Dropzone.
Hit “Send” and your family will receive the video via email – all they need to do is click the link. It even lets them watch the video right from their browser using Nero SendIt’s streaming and preview feature. That’s literally it!

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