House Republicans Call for Balanced Budget


Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives today outlined a balanced budget that takes on Washington’s annual deficits while strengthening America’s military and homeland security  forces.

“Washington must live within its means,” said Texas Congressman Kevin Brady (R-TX). “This budget is about a cure for Washington’s spending problem, not simply treating the  symptoms.”

In contrast to President Obama’s recent budget proposal which never balances and raises taxes by over $2 trillion, the House GOP budget balances in less than ten years without raising taxes and cuts wasteful spending by $5.5  trillion.

The budget also fully repeals the controversial Affordable Care Act, gives states more power to design Medicaid to meet the health care needs of the poor, and creates a future option for Medicare to help save that program for the long  term.

Brady continues to push for stronger defense, intelligence and border security  funding.

“In an increasingly dangerous world, we can’t allow our military to be hollowed out or our veterans to be left behind. I recognize this budget is only the first step in a long road to an efficient, accountable federal government, but it’s critical both the House and Senate agree on a  budget.”

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