How Does an Employer Review Help People Find the Right Job?

A job search can be daunting. How do you find a good employer? Which companies should you target while applying? Should they be fresh start-ups? Should you approach the veterans of an industry? A little insight into the company’s work, pay hike system and employer life quality can go a long way to build your career and balance your  life.

Irrespective of the finesse of a job posting, you will often notice some critical details about the designation and the company missing. Even with years’ worth professional experience, it is sometimes difficult to understand what a job requirement entails due to the lack of transparency. While this ambiguity is sometimes purely unintentional, most of the times, the employers know exactly what they are doing. Research shows that over 20% of the Americans regret the job decision they have made in the recent  times.

How can you avoid this situation? You can think of this as a misfortune and decide to carry on with the work you are doing, or you can take a step and start following the reviews of your prospective employers. In fact, over 50% of the participants in a survey stated that they would trust the company’s employees rather than the HR team or their  website.

Start with the overall  rating

The overall employee satisfaction rate is of utmost importance for understanding a company’s intentions. To add more meaning to an intangible rating system, you should always compare the ratings of one employer to another on a reliable website. Doing so will not only help you zero-in on the best or the worst details about your potential employer, but it will also help you find similar job openings  online.

Always delve  deeper

A rating will filter out the job search for you, but you will need to go deeper to find out why you should include or exclude employers from your application list. Some of the employer reviews from current and ex-employees are beyond honest. You will be spending more time with fellow workers than with the upper management. Therefore, what they say and do should give you a realistic impression about the work-life balance of the  company.

Use the information to fuel  conversation

During the interview, use the information you have gathered from reputable review sites to continue the discussion. Keep things pertinent and precise. Do not be condescending. For example – you could state something along the lines of, “I saw there were high ratings for your company’s work-life quality from current employees. I’m looking forward to being a part of that”. The approach would vary depending on the attitude of your potential employers. You should understand that it is a risky move. Therefore, you can choose to keep the conversation as positive as possible, if you want that  job!

Company and potential employer reviews are critical for determining the direction of a job search. Following a reputable job review and rating system can help you build your career within a couple of years, while your contemporaries grumble about theirs on  Facebook!

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