How Much Does A Social Security Lawyer Cost?

If you have a disability that qualifies you for social security, hiring a social security lawyer is probably a good idea. Many people with qualifying disabilities are not granted social security the first time they apply; this process then requires appealing your case before a judge.

In this post you will find out how and why it is important to hire a social security lawyer in some circumstances, and how much it costs.

What does a social security lawyer do?

A social security lawyer is a highly qualified individual who can assist you in accessing the disability benefits that you are entitled to. Unfortunately, many on-paper applications for disability social security are rejected. 

If you have been in this situation, you know just how frustrating it can be. If you decide to appeal the rejection, you will be asked to appear either via video link or in person before a judge. 

Why hire a social security lawyer?

When you’re preparing for an appeal, a social security lawyer can:

    1. Help prepare you to speak in the hearing. You will be asked to speak for yourself if you can, but your lawyer can help prepare you to present your situation in the best possible light.
    2. Assess your medical records and present them to the judge. This is vital in strengthening your argument in order to get social security benefits. The judge must be persuaded beyond what your paper application can say; a lawyer can help you do this.
    3. Advise you on the likelihood of your success in the case, based on their previous experience.

  • Assist you with any further appeals. If your claim is still denied, a social security lawyer can fight for further appeals on your behalf. 

How much does a social security lawyer cost?

When it comes to the cost of a social security lawyer, it entirely depends on your situation. 

Some social security lawyers work pro bono, particularly if you are a low income individual. You can access this kind of representation through charities and other activist organizations.

However, in most cases, you will need to pay for a social security lawyer. The lawyer and you, the client, agree on the fee between yourselves; as long as the fee doesn’t go above 25% of your backpay or $6,000, whichever figure is lower. 

Social security lawyers can occasionally charge higher than $6,000 for representation, but they have to file an appeal in order to do so. Mostly, this does not happen.

When it comes to making the payments, this will depend on the individual lawyer. Most social security lawyers require some payment upfront, but many will allow the remaining amount to be paid in manageable instalments. This allows you to budget for hiring a social security attorney as you will not be required to fork out a large sum all in one.

Applying for social security benefits as a disabled person can be very stressful. Hiring a social security lawyer can help alleviate some of the burden of the process and place you in capable hands.

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