How Real Estate Can Become a Retirement Investment

By The Entrust Group, Special for  USDR

The annual Real Estate IRA research report from The Entrust Group details growth in real estate investments in self-directed retirement savings accounts, driven by markets in Arizona, California,Colorado, and  Texas.

The Entrust Group, a pioneer and leading provider in the self-directed IRA industry, has released its annual Real Estate Investor Market Research Report with 2015 trends in real estate IRA  investments.

“We know from our own client base that there is tremendous interest in investing in real estate when saving for one’s retirement. But it isn’t always easy to know where to invest, in what type of property, and at what price range. This report is part of Entrust’s commitment to educating investors and the professionals who advise them on how to take control of their retirement savings,” said Jason Craig, president of The Entrust Group. “It gives investors, real estate professionals, and retirement advisers an overview of the market and insights into strategies used by many  investors.”

The report blends client data from The Entrust Group, whose self-directed IRA clients have made real estate their number one investment of choice with national statistics from the National Association of Realtors and Zillow. The report covers trends such as where IRA investors are buying property, the types of property purchased and the prices paid. This information is put into the context of overall real estate market trends, including buyer and seller profiles, why investors are buying, and how the booming rental market is affecting sales.  Finally, the report summarizes the three reasons to invest in real estate with an  IRA.

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