How the Humble Envelope Dictates Your Direct Mail Success Rate

Selecting the right envelope for your direct mail campaign can give you a better chance at success. A lot of businesses invest a lot of time and effort designing a creative mailer to encourage customers to take positive action. While there is no denying the importance of an attractive marketing mailer, the envelope can often make or break a direct mailing  campaign.

Customers receive dozens of marketing mails every week. Most mailers get just about a few seconds of glance time before they are trashed or stored. No matter what the deal, the response rate of mailers that look boring is almost always below  potential.  

Buying cheap business envelopes online is great for regular mailing purposes, but envelopes for marketing mailers need to visually impress. They not only need to look different in a batch of boring office envelopes, but they also need to feel different. This captures the target customers’ imagination and leaves them intrigued about the mysterious cargo the envelope is  carrying.

4 Critical Envelope Tips for Direct Mailing  Campaigns

Pick an Oversized Envelope: There has been several surveys and studies dedicated to finding out what direct mail strategies work and what doesn’t. One of the things that has consistently managed to generate a high response rate is oversized envelopes. Picking a large envelope to deliver the mailer has been seen to generate as much as 37% response rate. The success of large envelopes is not that hard to figure out. Customers get intrigued when receiving a large package and thus are much more motivated to find out what’s inside. They are also more receptive to offers and deals as they are already impressed by the  envelopes.

Add a Splash of Color: When compared to official-looking white envelopes, direct mailers sent out in colored envelopes almost always get more responses. Businesses often use colors to match their brand logo or the marketing campaign for which the mailer is for. Businesses often invest in multicolored custom designs using bright colors. This tactic act as a visual stimulus that subconsciously encourages customers to pay attention. When checking their mailboxes, customers immediately notice a solitary orange envelope in a stack of whites and browns. From that time on, the customer has already subconsciously decided to open the envelope to read its  content.

Include a Teaser Tagline: Much like a teaser trailer, an interesting tagline that encourages customers to open the envelope can drastically improve response rates. It’s best to consult a marketing expert to create a one-liner that creates suspense and relates to the product or  offer.

Choose the Right Thickness: Apart from the visual impression, customers can also be intrigued by touch. Office envelopes have a vellum finish that’s familiar to all. Just by ordering high-GSM variety, the direct mailer envelopes become interesting to touch. Thick envelopes feel textured and thus more premium. When coupled with an innovative design, this can drastically improve the response  rate.

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