How the Right Link Building Strategies Will Improve Web Positioning

Link Building is an SEO strategy and its objective is to help achieve a good natural positioning in the indexing process of search engines according to their algorithms. Nowadays, it is not enough to have a website. The optimization techniques are essential and done through link building, which is indicated for any website, and depending on the applied techniques; you will achieve more or less results. Not all search engine optimization companies have the necessary knowledge to implement the most effective optimization strategy.

Actions to Improve Web Positioning

If you need help to have your website achieve a successful web positioning with page-to-page optimization techniques, then you may have to hire the Top SEO Agency Calgary has to offer. The link building has led many sites to be penalized for poor link practice and that is why you would need to solicit the services of experts, so you are not penalized. Sites have lost their position ranking before the search engine updates due to the use of link farms and that is not good for the overall brand of the company.

How Search Engines Work

Search engines crawl the web using robots, discovering how many pages are related to each other, analyzing the popularity of a website for its links, and linking to other sites, according to the algorithm. Links are a way to identify the pages on a determined topic and its relevance.

Link Quality and Backlinks

The link must use your keywords in the link text – anchor text. If you want to get high rankings for the search term for example “buy brown shoes”, it will help a lot if the links to your website contain these exact words. The text that is used to link to a site (the “anchor text”) influences a website to obtain a better position in the search engine. The link must come from a relevant web page. Links from related web pages generally work better than links from unrelated pages. Links from other pages will not harm your positioning, Google “likes” that the links from websites that link you are related to your website.

Relevant Page

A related page is a web page that has to do with the theme of your website. The link must go to a relevant page on your site. It is fine to get links for your main page, but it is better and more advisable to get links for the page that is most relevant to the text you use in the anchor text of the link. If the text of the link is “buy houses in Calgary”, then you must make sure that the link goes to a page that deals with “sale of houses in Calgary”. If the text of the link matches the content of the linked pages, it means that the web page is relevant for that term and Google will take it into account when positioning your web page. It would be better if the link comes from an “authority” website. Links from pages with great authority will help you to increase the Google ranking for your website.


It is always better to have an expert help you to position yourself in the search engines rather than do it yourself. Bear in mind that it may take some time to see the results and so, you have to be patient.

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